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stink bug looking for shelter

Do We Have Overwintering Pests In Tallahassee?

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There are some portions of the Sunshine State where bugs never cease or slow down. They are active all year round. But, although we don't get the bitter cold and heavy snow of the Northern states here in Tallahassee, temperatures can still drop low enough to make some bugs start looking for a place to wait out the cold. Perhaps you've seen them. Stink bugs crawling on your screens to get in, wasps floating around your eaves, or millipedes and other bugs in your basement. Let's take a look at how cold weather affects bugs in Tallahassee.

You may not think 60°F is cold, but some bugs do. Many bugs are cold-blooded creatures. This means that their bodies stay the same temperature as the air or soil around them. They don't have fur like most of those warm-blooded creatures. When cold-blooded creatures get cold, they move to someplace that isn't as cold. That might be deeper into the soil, further inside a rotted log or into your home. Do you see the problem? It doesn't matter if their intention is to overwinter or not, the cold still drives them in where you don't want them to be.

When cold-blooded creatures look for a place to harbor, don't let them find your house an easy target.

  • Make sure your basement or lower level walls are sealed. If you have chipped mortar or cracks, get those areas patched.

  • Make sure you have no gaps. Look closely around pipes and electrical wires that pass through your foundation. Use a caulking gun to fill things in. It doesn't take much of a hole for pests to squeeze in.

  • If you have an exhaust, consider covering it with hardware cloth.

  • If you have gable vents or other openings that allow your home to be ventilated, consider using window grade screens in these areas.

  • You may not notice when a gap is available under your doors, especially your garage door, but bugs sure do. Inspect your door sweeps closely for any damage. If you have an exterior door that does not have a door sweep, you should consider installing one.

  • When bugs crawl on your exterior walls, they will be looking for any hole they can find. Most of the time they will access your home through torn window screens and holes around window frames. Examine these areas and get things fixed.

  • It is always best to not have bugs crawling on your exterior walls in the first place. If you don't have routine treatments from a pest professional, you might want to consider it. Exclusion methods will reduce the population of bugs in your home, but treatments work to seal them out.

For help preparing your home for the occasional invasion of cold-blooded bugs, give us a call. Our certified inspectors will help you identify what pests are a problem for you and in what ways your home is vulnerable. At McCall, we know Tallahassee pests. When you need to keep them out, you can trust McCall to help you do it.

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