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Debugging Cockroaches In Florida

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When you see the word "debugger," what comes to mind? If you are like most, you think of some guy with horn-rimmed glasses scanning down through pages and pages of words and symbols, looking for the tiniest error in syntax and formatting. These are the people who make sure our emails don't accidentally get sent to Brazil and who make sure that deposits we make in our bank accounts don't go to someone else's account. Anything that has a program in it has had a debugger work on it; because no one is happy when programs stop working as expected. So, what do computer programmers have to do with keeping cockroaches out of your Florida home? We're glad you asked.

  • De-bugging. Computer programmers kill bugs in computer programs so that satellites stay in orbit and your favorite episode of the Waltons isn't interrupted by scenes from CSI Miami. At McCall Service, we kill bugs in your home so that you don't have cockroaches climbing out of your air conditioner and racing across the wall.
  • Expertise. Not just anyone can be a debugger. It takes a specialized knowledge. Programs have their own language, and debuggers know how to read this language. When cockroaches get into your home, you need someone who has specialized knowledge to get rid of them. Your technician must understand modern exclusion methods, how to read pest pressures, what products are needed, and where these products can be applied safely.  
  • Problem-solving. Getting rid of bugs in a program isn't something just anyone can do. It takes more than knowledge of the languages being used. Debuggers are also wired to solve problems. They know how to troubleshoot issues and isolate what isn't working properly. The same is true for your pest technician. At McCall Service, our people don't just have head knowledge; they are wired to solve problems. Much in the same way a big game hunter understands the prey they are hunting, our technicians understand cockroaches. They know where they hide, how they get in, and how they react when pest control measures are put in place. This instinct is essential to effectively eradicate these clever and elusive pests.
  • Attention to detail. If even one semicolon is in the wrong place, it can throw the entire program off or send it spiraling into an endless loop. When dealing with a cockroach problem, the same is true. These are creatures that can climb walls and cross ceilings. They are able to compact their bodies and slip through the thinnest of gaps. Keeping roaches out of a home requires an attention to detail. Your technician must examine every nook and cranny, high and low, to eliminate entry points

So, when you need your home debugged, let the professional debuggers here at McCall Service get those bugs out and keep them out. When you have a professional take care of your cockroach problem, you have a much better chance of being bug-free.  

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