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Dealing With Bed Bugs In Jacksonville

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Bed bugs are still very much present and problematic for homeowners all across the country including those living in Jacksonville, Florida. The professionals at McCall routinely get calls from customers stating “I have bed bugs in my home, what happens now”? What happens now is that the professionals at McCall Service in Jacksonville take over and provide services to quickly get rid of bed bugs from your home.

Bed bugs are tricky pests. They do not fly or jump; instead, they hitchhike from person to person and place to place. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not care where they live. They flourish equally in homes that are immaculately clean and uncluttered as they do in homes that may have a more “lived-in” feel and that have more “stuff” stored inside it.

A bed bug infestation can happen to anyone. They are usually picked up anywhere that large groups of people congregate. Common places where bed bugs are found include: libraries, movie theaters, hotels, motels, thrift stores, airports, planes, cabs, and buses. Bed bugs climb onto you or your belongings, causing you to unknowingly and unintentionally introduce them into your home where they will begin to use you and your family’s blood as a food source.

So, bed bugs have gotten into your home, what now? Well, you are in luck because McCall Service provides very safe and effective bed bug removal services in Jacksonville. By choosing McCall Service to get rid of bed bugs, you are choosing the best and are ensuring that these difficult pests will soon be completely eliminated from your Jacksonville home. McCall offers a variety of treatment options to suit each home and homeowner’s unique needs; we understand that there isn’t just one right answer when getting rid of bed bugs.

Basic Heat

This program treats for bed bugs through the use of residual insecticides and/or steam. After the initial application of insecticides, our technicians perform a heat treatment. Using heat is a very safe, environmentally friendly, and effective method that kills all stages of bed bugs (eggs, nymphs and adults) that are living in your home no matter what hard to reach crack or crevice they are hiding in.


Our chemical approach begins with one of our professionals providing an initial inspection, followed by treatment with an application of residual insecticide, and finally steam is used to treat the inside of cracks and crevices and areas found behind walls.

Our professionals will also use HEPA vacuums on mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture located in your home. Within a period of 7-30 days, two follow-up treatments will be performed to ensure that your home is completely bed bug free!

Heat Plus

The heat plus program is a comprehensive plan that combines all the benefits of our basic heat and chemical treatment services into one perfect package. We will also install bed bug proof mattress/box spring encasements. It also includes a 30 day chemical re-treatment guarantee for added peace of mind!

Hopefully, now if bed bugs ever do get inside your Jacksonville home you won’t have to question what to do or have a panic attack because you will already know how to handle the problem, You now know that McCall Service has the answer. For more information about bed bugs or bed bug removal services in Jacksonville, contact McCall today!

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