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Could Bed Bugs Be A Problem For You?

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Bed bugs don’t discriminate. These blood suckers like to be anywhere that people are. If you’ve only ever heard about bed bugs in hotels, you’re only hearing part of the story! These bugs can happily live inside people’s homes, in apartments and even in retail environments. Wondering if you have bed bugs in your space? Here are some ways to tell whether you have bed bugs where you sleep:


  • Check the bedding in all the beds in your home. Do you see any little brown or red spots? If you do, those could be bed bug fecal spots. These spots are actually dried blood and are a sign that bed bugs may be present.

  • Along with the bedding, check the mattress and the box spring too. Bed bugs might hide inside the crevices of these because they would then be in close proximity of their food source- your blood!

  • Bed bugs shed their skin periodically as they grow, so if you’re finding shed bed bug skins around your home, you almost certainly have a bed bug problem.

  • Bed bugs will hide anywhere in your home, not just near the bed. Check behind pictures on the wall, inside alarm clocks, in closets and even inside the seams of curtains or along the wall where the carpet meets the wall.

  • Are you waking up in the morning with little red bites on your skin that you don’t remember being there the day before? If so, bed bugs may be biting you while you sleep.


Just a couple of these signs or all of them may signify that you have a bed bug problem. No need to panic and don’t turn to Google to search for ways to get rid of these pests on your own! Bed bugs don’t have a DIY solution and trying to get rid of them on your own can be problematic for your health and the safety of your home and family. Bed bugs MUST be handled by a pest control company to make sure that they are removed entirely from your home. Pest control experts will advise you on what needs to be done with your furniture, your bed and your belongings so that they will be left free from bed bugs and their eggs after treatment.


If bed bugs are a problem for you, call the professionals at McCall Services. If you only wonder if bed bugs may be present, our professionals can visit your home to perform a bed bug inspection to determine whether or not these bugs are in your home. Our professionals are trained in detecting bed bug problems quickly and can help locate all possible infested areas. Contact us today to learn more about our bed bug services and to schedule your first inspection with the qualified professionals at McCall Services.

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