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Common Spring Pest Problems In FL

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Although snow birds are making their way out of the Sunshine state, spring is underway here and the insect world is active.  Among the many insects that call Florida home, commonly found during the spring and summer months of the year are mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects. Unfortunately, each pest comes with a host of their own issues that can make your life difficult if they decide to invade your home.


Mosquitoes will have no problem making any outdoor events miserable. Each day hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes are born, which makes controlling them a difficult task. They are known as the deadliest disease spreading vectors. Female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood which can quickly spread deadly diseases to humans. Millions of people have died from diseases spread by the bite of a mosquito. This makes these insects not only a major annoyance at cookouts but a serious pest to watch out for.

Stinging Insects

Another common pest at this time is the emergence of stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets.  Most stinging insects are not aggressive in nature, but if they feel threatened by humans they can attack and leave a painful sting.  Although considered mostly a nuisance pest, stinging insects may cause severe allergic reactions in some people and a sting could require medical treatment.

  • Leave the treatment of stinging insects and their nests up to the pros. McCall Service will help you identify the stinging insect and provide a safe treatment to get rid of any hives or nests on your property.


The biggest issue with small ants is that they are after food sources, especially sweet treats in the kitchen. If a colony is near your home you could be allowing thousands of ants to have free range of your kitchen if they find a way inside (and they will try hard). Carpenter ants are a little more of a threat to homes as they will try to build nests in wood structures of your home and could leave you with extensive structural damage.

  • To avoid the threat of carpenter ants and deter other ants from taking over the kitchen, it is important to allow the professionals at McCall to identify and remove the ant colony rather than just attempting to kill the ants you see.

If you are finding pests invading your home this May, you are not alone.  In order to stop any problems before they become serious, contact McCall Service at the first sign of seasonal pests. Offering pest control service in Tampa, Ocala, and Jacksonville as well as elsewhere in Northern Florida, you can trust the experienced McCall team with all your pest issues, regardless of the season or type of pest.

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