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Lawn Pest In FL

Common Lawn Pests In Florida

In: Lawn Care

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Your lawn is a battlefield. In it, your grass struggles against weeds and lawn pests for precious resources like food and space. This can be a losing battle, especially here in Florida where lawn pests can survive through the winter. Here are a few of the pests you'll find in your Florida lawn and what they're doing in there.

Chinch Bugs: If you have St. Augustine grass, you probably have chinch bugs. Since many homes in Florida have St. Augustinegrass, this is a common lawn pest. This insect sucks the juices out of your grass and leaves it dry and brown.

Mole Crickets: This little bugger tunnels through soil and eats grass roots as they go, disrupting the root system of your lawn. Without a solid root system, large patches of your lawn will begin to die. This pest prefers Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass, but it can be found damaging any type of grass.

Sod Web Worms: These frustrating bugs are the larval stage of a moth. In your lawn, they will feed on your grass quickly, throughout the night, leaving ragged looking leaves in the morning. Sod Web Worms prefer Bermudagrass, but they will also feed on other grass types as well as ornamentals.

Armyworms: These pests, also known as grubs, will chew patches of roots under your lawn, leaving your lawn looking like it is suffering from drought. If you're wondering if you have armyworms, try to pull up a section of your lawn. If the roots are cut and it lifts up like a piece of astroturf, you have grubs.

Fire Ants: Though this pest is actually good for your lawn, it is on this list because there are other ways to get its benefits, without its obvious drawbacks. These insects may help aerate your soil, but it is hardly a trade for itchy, painful bites that can last up to 10 days. For people with an allergy to these bites, they can be more than a painful irritation. Fire ant bites can cause rashes, swelling, paralysis and even anaphylactic shock.

If you decide to take the leap and get professional lawn care, be sure to choose a company that also specializes in pest control. With so many pests battling in your lawn, you need a lawn care company that knows bugs.

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