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common fly inside a florida home during the summer

Common Florida House Insects To Watch Out For This Summer

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When the temperature in Florida rises in the summer, so does the amount of problematic insects. Pests you may encounter this season include spiders, house flies, ants, stinging insects and more! Let's take a closer look at these common pests and what can be done to prevent them and resolve the problems they create!


Spiders come inside your home looking for dark, uninterrupted places to spin webs and catch food. They are often found in corners of windows, doorways and basements. While most house spiders are just a nuisance, they are certainly not a desired guest.

House flies

House flies come into your home in search of garbage, food and a place to lay eggs. These flying pests can contaminate surfaces and food because of the decaying matter that they come into contact with. House flies are a common nuisance that has the potential to be hazardous to you and your family.


Ants come in your home in search of food, water and shelter. Often seen scurrying around the kitchen, many folks will kill the few that they see and be surprised when they are replaced quickly by more. Ants live in huge colonies that can number up to the thousands. Killing the few ants that you see is never going to stop the problem; it actually may make it worse. If you have an ant presence in your home, it’s best to contact a professional pest control company, like McCall Service, to ensure the entire colony is eliminated.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are a reality of being outdoors. While the majority of stinging insects do not attack, they certainly will protect themselves if they feel threatened and that may result in a painful sting to its victim. Most of these flying threats being bumble bees, hornets, yellow jackets and wasps, are flying about looking for food sources when they encounter us. Often seen sitting on the tops of soda cans or water sources, like pools or bird baths, meeting these flying pests at one point or another in basically inevitable. Some live in nests on or near the ground, making an encounter more plausible. While the sting itself is not fatal, some people have an allergic reaction to insect stings. If you or someone you know develops an allergic reaction to an insect sting, seek medical attention immediately.


Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are not considered a "seasonal pest" these guys do seem to become more of an issue during the summer months and it is thought to be due to increased travel. Bed bugs are a small, nocturnal insect that feed off blood. They are transported from place to place with unsuspecting travelers. Some signs of a possible bed bug presence include shed bed bug skins, blood spots on sheets, visuals of live bed bugs, and in extreme infestations, you may smell a scent similar to that of over ripened raspberries.

At McCall we would like to share with you some simple pest prevention tips to avoid these re-known pests! These helpful pointers include:

  • Covering garbage at all times

  • Regularly remove garbage

  • Keep counters and floors clean from spills and crumbs

  • Rinse dishes clean from all food debris as soon as possible

To avoid problems with bed bugs try the following:

  • Place clothing in a sealed plastic bag inside suitcase

  • Do not leave clothing, luggage or shoes lying around your hotel room

  • Upon entering your hotel room, leave your suitcase in the bathroom and then inspect the room for any signs of a bed bug presence

  • Thoroughly check all luggage and packed items upon arrival at home for any signs of unwanted stowaways

Summers in Florida are beautiful. Having a home and yard safe from bed bugs, ants, spiders, house flies and stinging insects is ideal. Learn more here about McCall's quality home pest control services!

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