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mouse in a georgia home

Cold Weather In GA Keeps Mice Active

In: Savannah GA

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It has been a long, cold winter this year and even the rodents outside are affected by these conditions. It is harder for rodents, like mice, to forage for food outside so they tend to head inside in hopes of an easier pursuit. This means that the cute mice you usually see running around out in fields are now heading to your home. They are in search of a warm shelter with easy access to food and water. Winter used to mean survival of the fittest for these mice but in this day and age they've learned that their chances are much better in your home. Once you have noticed a mouse in your home, it is best to take action immediately. Mice tend to adapt quickly and multiply even faster. This makes keeping mice out of your home an essential task all year.

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice that you have a mouse infestation in your home. They are small, sneaky rodents that only come out to search for food and water. Otherwise they will stay within your home's walls hiding out and preparing a nest. One of the most common ways to tell that you have a mouse infestation is when you hear them scurrying around in your walls or attic. You may also find that they leave little mouse droppings in your cupboards. Mice are also known for chewing through items like cardboard, wiring, insulation and drywall. If you notice any of these occurrences around your home, it is best to call a professional pest exterminator as soon as possible before you have a full mice infestation taking over your home.

There are a few things you can do around your home to try and keep these mice out. The first step would be to seal up the exterior of your home. From the foundation to venting ducts, make sure there are no small gaps or cracks around your home where these small rodents can get in. Next, seal up all food sources in and around your home. This includes trash, pet food and stored dry goods. Then you will want to make sure there is no moisture build up in your home. This can be leaky pipes, vents or windows. It is important that you make sure your house does not leave a welcoming impression for any mice.

Of course the best defense your house can have is a year-round pest prevention plan. At McCall Services, we will work with you year-round to make sure that your home stays pest free and safe.

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