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Do you consider yourself a ‘thrifty’ person?  I don’t mean cheap; like the kind of cheap where you have tons of money to spare, but squeeze two pennies together and never spend a cent unless the world will fall apart if you don’t, cheap.  But ‘thrifty’!  You know, THRIFTY!  Here is a little test to determine if you are indeed thrifty.
Do you always clip coupons before going to the grocery store, or wait all year looking for a sale on that special pair of boots you’ve been dying to get? Do you always go to that discount salvage store and buy the things they happen to have that you absolutely need, but pay half the cost of big box stores?  Do you check prices all over town and compare them to that club-members only store so you can be sure to only purchase the items that are actually less expensive?  If you do these things; you may, in fact, be ‘thrifty’.  There are just a few more questions to test; just to be certain, though!
Are you the type of person that purchases your children’s next years’ clothes at this year’s end-of-season sale, and then pack those clothes away until they fit?  Does your favorite shopping experience involve “Clearance”?  Do you mend your socks twenty-three times before you actually throw them out and buy a new pair?  Do you wipe, fold, and save your used aluminum foil and baggies if you can at all possibly save them to be used again?
 Did you answer, “Yes,” to these questions?  You answered, “Yes,” didn’t you?  Come on, admit it!  You are indeed ‘thrifty’! Well, all I have to say is congratulations!  You don’t skimp on quality or brush off a ‘need’, but you are very careful where, when, and how you spend your hard earned dollars.  Thrifty is a really good thing, especially in today’s uncertain world!
However, I have just one more question!  Did you know that there is another area where you could be ‘thrifty’, but you may not even realize it?  That’s right, you can be ‘thrifty’ when it comes to pest control and lawn care!  Here at McCall Service we offer total peace of mind with our value bundle packages!  Choose any 2 of our great services like lawn care, pest control, termite control, or mosquito control and receive a discount on those services.  If you choose any 3 of our package deals, you will receive an even higher discount!  When you choose our ultimate “We do it all” package it gets even better!  This package is our ‘ultimate guarantee option’!  We provide the services for any 3 bundles; plus, if you have a pest problem with any pest - we will be right out to eliminate it!  Talk about a ‘thrifty’ deal!   
Here at McCall Service we know how important it is to save where you can save.  We value our customers and work very hard to offer quality products at a fair price.  With our ‘bundle’ options you can take that already fair price and make it even better!  It’s just another way we say ‘Thank you’ for partnering with us!  Call McCall, we do it all!

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