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Avoid Mosquitoes With Mosquito Prevention Tips

Call McCall For Relief From Mosquitoes

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Although the calendar says it is summer, it certainly doesn’t feel like it with all of the strong thunderstorms and heavy downpours moving through Ocala, Tampa and all across Northern Florida.  With the excessive wet weather in the region, the mosquito population is the worst it has been in years and McCall Service, a longtime Florida pest control company, would like to remind homeowners that by following a few do-it-yourself preventative measures, you can keep the number of mosquitoes down this summer, despite all of the rain.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Female mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, so if you want to effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard, you must effectively reduce their breeding grounds.  After a rainstorm, homeowners should remember to:

  • Get rid of any item that can hold water including; buckets, old tires, sand pails, bottles and flower pots

  • Turn over large items that may have accumulated water such as wheel barrows, canoes, kayaks and wading pools

  • If storing wood or other items under tarps, shake it off in order to eliminate water that may have collected in the folds

  • Keep drainage ditches clear and flowing

  • Clean out gutters that may have collected blown leaves and other debris during a storm

  • Circulate the water in ornamental ponds

When your best attempts to control mosquitoes on your own are not working, McCall Service is ready to help!  With the potential for wet weather to stick around a while longer, make the most of the dry days with our mosquito remediation services that can effectively keep the number of mosquitoes down in your backyard all season long.  If you live in Tampa or the surrounding areas of Northern Florida, please contact us today.

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