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Mosquito Biting

Bugs That Bite In Jacksonville

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Pests come in all forms, shapes and varieties. Some pests like cockroaches and rodents are gross and spread disease while termites and carpenter ants are destructive and compromise the integrity and strength of the structure. Still others like various ants and millipedes are just simply a nuisance and aggravation to the homeowner. Then there are those pests who bite humans. Some of the biting bugs are fleas, bed bugs, ticks and mosquitoes and can be found throughout Jacksonville.

Mosquitoes are everywhere this time of year, leaving people with the feeling that there is nothing that can be done about their invasion. The buzzing sound and sudden sting is more than an irritation. The victim is left with an itching welt as a reminder that mosquitoes bite.

However, a better understanding of the habitat needed for mosquitoes to thrive and reproduce is enough to help control their population. A mosquito must have standing water in which to lay her eggs. The larvae can only survive if they stay in still, standing water. All it takes is a shallow pool of water at least an inch deep. Birdbaths are adequate enough source of water for the mosquito to reproduce. Clogged gutters are also great breeding sites for mosquitoes. The homeowner can eliminate a few mosquito bites this summer by eliminating standing water on the property. Fill in low spots in the ground. Empty birdbaths and wading pools weekly. Clean out gutters and remove any buckets, old tires or anything else in which water can stand. Eliminating al sources of breeding grounds will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your area.

Fleas are not uncommon in the Jacksonville area. While they would prefer to feast on your dog or cat, fleas are also known to bite humans. When bitten, the flea will leave a red bite surrounded by a red halo. The bites are usually in groups or clusters. Unfortunately, fleabites not only itch, they occasionally are known to be capable of spreading disease from bacteria and viruses. Fleas reproduce rapidly and the home must be treated at first sighting.

Bed bugs, to put it in simplest form, can show up anywhere. These small, oval insects live on the blood of humans or animals. There are people in Jacksonville being bitten right now by pesky bed bugs. They cannot fly or jump but scurry quickly over the floors and up the walls. They are accomplished hitchhikers and can be brought into your home in a number of ways including used furniture, luggage from trips and on your clothing. These nocturnal biting insects are very difficult to find and will require the services of your local pest control professionals for eradication.

Ticks are very prevalent throughout the Jacksonville area. It is important for everyone to have a good understanding of the potentially dangerous diseases that can be contracted from the bite of this insect. The tick’s lot in life seems to be that of propagating and passing diseases when feeding from their host. The tick does not fly like a mosquito or jump like a flea. Neither does the tick move fast like a bed bug. They are slow, methodical moving creatures that patiently wait on someone from which to draw blood. Ticks are not born with disease-laden bacteria or viruses and very few actually are carriers. However, the potential danger of Lyme disease and other tick-bearing diseases is too great to be careless. In addition to following prevention measures, a thorough inspection of one’s clothing and body is essential upon coming back into the house.

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