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brown patch fungus

Brown Patch Fungus: How To Get Rid Of It

In: Lawn Care

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The first step to getting rid of any lawn disease is to identify and understand what is happening to your lawn. Brown patch fungus can be very damaging to your lawn. It begins with small patches of lawn turning straw colored, brown or reddish brown. These patches start out about 1 foot in diameter. These patches can continue to spread and kill the grass leaves. This lawn disease does not affect the root of grass, making it possible to return the grass to its original green color. This disease is basically rotting the grass starting at its base.

Brown patch fungus is common in Florida from November to May when temperatures are cooler than 80 degrees. This disease is basically caused by grass leaves being moist for 48 hours or more. This can be caused by excessive irrigation, lots of rainfall, and long periods of humidity. When grass leaves are moist for 48 hours or more they can get brown patch fungus.

Brown patch fungus starts at the base of the leaf of grass. This base begins to rot. When the base of the leaf of grass is rotted due to extended moisture it eventually kills the entire leaf of grass. When this dark rot starts at the base of the leaf it will be easy to pull the leaf off the stem. The base of the leaf will smell rotted and be dark and soft. This disease is commonly confused with herbicide damage. To easily tell the difference, look for the rot at the base of the grass leaf.

Brown patch fungus can be spread to more of the lawn by mowing. Try to avoid brown patches while mowing. If you mow a lawn affected by brown patch fungus wash the blades before moving to another lawn.

To help eliminate brown patch funguses from your lawn try not to overwater your lawn. If you are watering your lawn do so between 2 am and 8 am. This is a good time to water your lawn because the morning dew is already moistening your grass. Making the morning hours the only time that your grass is wet gives your lawn an entire day for your grass to dry out again.

If you need help managing your Florida lawn, call a professional lawn care service today. Enjoying a great lawn year-round can really make a difference in enjoying your home.

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