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pigeon sitting on jacksonville business

Birds Are Affecting Jacksonville Businesses

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Birds are amazing and fascinating creatures. The eyes of a hawk can see up to eight times more clearly than any human eye, making it able to see a hare running through a field from a mile in the sky. An owl can turn its head almost three hundred and sixty degrees, and yet, it cannot move its eyes at all. A mockingbird can imitate an incredible variety of sounds, including the sound of a cat crying and a door squeaking. But, even birds that do not have one of these unique traits have the most important trait of all: the ability to fly. And that makes them fun to watch, and even more fun to interact with. If you've ever had the chance to hold up a French fry and have a bird fly down and snatch it from your fingers, you know what we mean. But while you're focused on how fascinating and interesting those birds are something else is going on right before your eyes--like magic.

Are you familiar with the term slight-of-hand? This is a technique a magician uses to make you watch one hand while they do the "trick" with their other hand. Although birds don't have hands or fingers, they are no less adept at slight-of-hand. While they are amazing you with their ability to fly, they are doing something "less than amazing" right under your nose.

Birds leave droppings everywhere they go. While those birds are fascinating your customers, they are also leaving their feces everywhere, and bird feces can present many problems for a business. They can create a slip hazard and lead to litigation. They can potentially carry diseases that are passed on to customers, employees, or stored foods. And birds, such as the pigeon, have droppings that are so corrosive they can disfigure a statue and create holes in concrete. But, more often than not, bird droppings hurt a business by increasing water, electricity, and maintenance costs.

Birds getting into things they should not. If you have birds perching or nesting around your business they can get into air conditioning units, moving machinery, sensitive areas, power boxes, and more. This can cause machinery to break down or lead to a power outage.

Birds are scavengers. In an urban setting, birds often become contaminated with harmful bacteria because they scavenge in dumpsters, trash heaps, and other dirty places.

Birds are amazing creatures, but if you have birds hanging out around your Jacksonville business, it is time to shoo those birds away. At McCall Service, we specialize in pest proofing businesses to let birds know they are unwelcome, and to guard against the many issues those birds can cause. Get exclusion installations in place around your business, and encourage those birds to stay where they belong - for the good of your business and for the good of the birds as well. It just makes sense.

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