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Bill Gates Knows How Dangerous Mosquitoes Can Be

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Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal. Who saw that one coming? In his blog, Bill Gates discusses mosquitoes and the illnesses that they can pass on. These common nuisances are responsible for more deaths per year than any other animal, even more than humans. He brings up data and research regarding these threatening pests. Mosquitoes really are the most lethal animal. So why are we are so comfortable with accepting the presence of these killers in our lives? Most likely, it’s because we aren’t as informed about them as we should be.

So, let's go to school for a moment!

Mosquitoes are the perfect carriers for disease borne illnesses. They are known to carry diseases such as:

  • Malaria

  • Chikungunya

  • Dog Heartworm

  • West Nile Virus

  • Eastern & Western Equine Encephalitis

  • LaCrosse Encephalitis

  • Dengue Fever

  • Yellow Fever

  • St Louis Encephalitis

With a repertoire of these possible illnesses on board, you would think that mosquito defense would be first and foremost on our minds. With more than 2500 species, these buzzing pests are just about everywhere on the earth. Laying their eggs in water, mosquitoes have ample places and opportunity to multiply quickly, easily, and plentifully. Mosquito life cycles depend on the environment and type of mosquito but most mosquito eggs are hatched within seven to ten days. Female mosquitoes can lay over 100 eggs at a time. Over 100 eggs and less than two weeks till hatching makes completely stopping the reproductive cycle of these pests impossible.

Death by mosquito sounds a bit off base here in the United States but in many other countries and regions, it is unfortunately a common occurrence. Malaria is the top killer on the list of mosquito borne illnesses. Over 600,000 reported deaths per year, plus another 200 million cases incapacitate people. While a malaria vaccine would save many lives, it is not yet available.

Professional pest control companies offer many mosquito remediation programs. These programs can significantly lessen the mosquito population in treated areas. Here are some simple tips that can significantly discourage mosquito breeding grounds:

  • Drill drainage holes in the bottom of recycling and garbage containers to encourage all water to drain

  • Keep gutters clean and unclogged. Properly working gutters and drainage systems should not allow water to pool up.

  • Check your property after a rainfall and be on the lookout for landscaping that doesn’t drain well and allows puddles.

  • Keep swimming pools clean and chlorinated properly even when not in use to discourage mosquitoes from making it their hatchery.

  • Any landscaping decorations (bird baths, plant pots, statues, etc) that hold water should be emptied twice a week.

  • Remove anything that may inadvertently hold water, like tires or cans.

  • Keep your lawn and vegetation cut short as this is where adult mosquitoes rest during the day.

Being informed about the real dangers of mosquitoes is first and foremost in the fight against them. Just because mosquitoes are common doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous. If you agree that it’s time to start being more proactive in your battle against these disease ridden pests, contact McCall Service to begin your assault on mosquitoes today or click here for more info!

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