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gainesville resident mowing their lawn

Best Practices For Mowing Your Lawn

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Mowing your lawn may seem like a simple task but at McCall we know that it is far more than just starting the lawnmower up. In order to make sure that your lawn is as healthy as it can be there is a bit more to it than just simply mowing. Taking the time and steps to mow and care for your lawn properly will help to ensure that you lawn is green, healthy and an asset to the overall appearance of your home rather than a distasteful distraction.

Besides overall curb appeal, there are many benefits of mowing your Gainesville lawn properly. This is why the pros at McCall Service want to offer some lawn mowing tips so that your lawn becomes the envy of the neighborhood! This season try and follow these guidelines for a beautiful lawn:

  • Pick the right time of day to mow. The kind of weather and time of day that you mow in can greatly affect the health of your lawn. The best time of day to mow is in the late morning after the dew has evaporated or early in the evening and never in the rain, even a light rain. The reason behind this is that mowing wet grass can lead to lawn diseases from bacteria and funguses. Both of these spread much more easily with moisture present then with dry grass conditions.

  • Mow your grass to the correct height. Many people think that by cutting their grass extremely short they are saving themselves from having to mow frequently, however, this practice is detrimental to the health of your lawn. Cutting your lawn too short will cause the roots to get too much sun, turn brown and die. Making sure to keep your grass at least 2” tall will help to ensure that your grass remains green and healthy.

  • Take care of your mower. Having a properly cared for lawn mower will also help to ensure that mowing will not damage your lawn. Before or after each mowing, make sure to clean the built up grass from the blades. It is also a good idea to keep your blades sharpened. Mowing with dull blades will cause damage to your grass and stress it out. Also, unless you let your grass get very tall it is a good idea to mow on the mulch setting. The mulch setting allows the cut grass to remain behind and provides your lawn with much needed nutrients.

  • Change up your mowing pattern. Changing how you mow your lawn each time you mow will also go a long way in keeping your lawn looking healthy. Mix it up, one time mow diagonally, then horizontally, then vertically. This allows for even grass growth and helps to lessen the compaction of your soil.

The benefits that come with taking the time to properly mow your lawn are many and include a healthy lawn, built in fertilization and knowing that your lawn is contributing to the overall appearance of your home. However, if you decide that taking the time to properly mow your lawn isn’t something you have the time or desire to do, the experts at McCall Service can help! Our professionals are available to provide you with Gainesville lawn care services that will ensure that your lawn is green, healthy and the talk of the neighborhood!

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