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Best Pest Prevention Tips For 2015

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Whether you just purchased your home or have been living in it for years, this blog will help you get on the right track for 2015. Pest management is a complicated matter, but you can take some of the complication out of it. I've broken it into two parts: the hassle and the hassle free. Here they are.

The Hassle

There are many things you can do to make bugs, rodents, and other wildlife "choose" another home to infest. It takes a little effort, but it is worth learning. These tips are common sense practices that you can do to make your home less attractive to passing pests, and make it less likely that those pests will choose your home to nest and breed in.

Hide food sources and conceal the smells that lure pests onto your property and into the common areas of your home.

  • Keep trash cans covered. Wash counters, rugs, floors, and shelves regularly. Deep clean under fridge and on the sides of your oven. Don't let sticky, sugary spills sit. Put pantry food and pet foods in hard plastic containers. Put pet food down only during mealtime. Leave fruit in the fridge till your ready to eat it. Put dishes in soapy water instead of stacked next to the sink.

  • Bugs eat bugs. By changing outside lights to yellow insect-resistant lighting, you can keep the population of flying insects down, and deter the bugs that eat them.

Make your yard less inviting.

  • Keep grass trimmed, bushes cut back away from the house, and branches cut back away from the roofline.

  • Keep clutter, construction material, and other objects, off your lawn.

  • Water your lawn in the morning, and keep it dry the rest of the day.

  • Don't have any open trash.

Make your home less inviting.

  • Use a fan or dehumidifier to keep attic spaces and basement areas dry.

  • Check to make sure all your screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping are in good working order.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks, and holes in your exterior walls.

The Hassle free

If you choose to partner with a pest management company, you'll be able to let your guard down. Those dishes won't have to sit in soaking water. Those rugs won't have to be vacuumed as much. And, you won't have to worry about what you wear or how you smell. Here are some things a pest management company will do.

  • They will help you seal your walls and apply limited and focused pesticides where you are most vulnerable.

  • They can treat your exterior walls so that bugs don't crawl around on them searching for entry points you may have missed.

  • They treat your lawn, so that when the rain comes, mosquito eggs don't burst to life, and fleas will not lay in wait to jump on your pets.

  • They can monitor and protect you from termites.

  • They can search for wasps nests, ant colonies, and fresh mole tunnels.

  • They can make your home pest-free year round.

There are a lot of things you can do to exclude pests from staying in your home, but wouldn't you rather be pest free? It is a lot easier to manage a family when you don't have to worry about jelly globs on the counter. Get your home protected today.

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