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Bed Bugs In Tampa Area Libraries

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You'll never guess what's been creeping in your public library--unless you just read the title of this article. That's right. Bed bugs have been found in Tampa area libraries. Yup. Disgusting. But before you panic and vow never to go to the library again, you should know that area public libraries have taken the right steps to address the problem.

It makes sense.

When we borrow books from the library, where do we keep them? Yup. Next to our beds. This puts them in the perfect spot to be used by a hitchhiking bug. When the books are returned to the library, the bugs can go with them.

Bugs on books? How do people miss this?

There are two very good reasons for missing bed bugs:

  1. Not all bed bugs are the size of a pea. Bed bug babies (called larvae) can be as small as the tip of a pencil. Not only does this make them hard to see, they're small enough to get into the bindings of books.

  2. Bed bug eggs don't need the mother to hatch. That means all it takes is a batch of eggs to start an infestation.

Bugs don't just travel on books.

Libraries are a public place. With bed bug infestations steadily increasing, more and more people are carrying them into public places on their clothing.

How do we protect ourselves from bed bugs?

We can all learn from the quick and decisive measures the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative took to contain the issue. They instituted new policies that require librarians to check for bugs on books that are returned, and they have partnered with a professional pest control company to have routine canine inspections. This ensures the containment and disposal of contaminated books and the random transference of bugs from clothing and bags.

Canine inspections?

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They are used by law enforcement agents to sniff out drugs, explosives and sensitive materials. Why not use them to sniff out bedbugs? As it turns out, they're quite good at it. A canine inspector can detect bed bugs in all stages of development, including living bugs still inside their egg sacks. This allows pest control technicians to target and treat for bed bugs before they even hatch.

So, what can we take away from this? If you're looking to protect your home or business from bed bugs, you can learn a lot from your local public library, and contact the bed bug experts here at McCall Service.

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