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bed bug in savannah GA home

Bed Bugs In Savannah, Georgia

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You may not be surprised to hear that Savannah has bed bugs. But so does the rest of the world. Though, New York Times writers from the 1800s would have you think otherwise. One writer begged readers for a decent North Carolina inn to say at, complaining that the "natives" there allowed bedbugs "full sway" such that "they now rule the State during the hours usually devoted to slumber without opposition." But bed bugs are not a bug that only thrives in the South. In the 1800s it was not uncommon to find bed bugs "crawling about the clothing of lawyers" in D.C. courtrooms. Everyone had bed bugs back then, and it was a humiliating problem. But no one wanted to admit it. For this reason, and because bed bugs have a preference for dirty environments, a stigma was attached to bed bugs.

This stigma remains today, and it is no less embarrassing to get bed bugs than if you were a Yankee reporter on a trip south to write a column on horse thieves, or a D.C. Lawyer looking to make your mark in the world. The reality is, anyone can get bed bugs.

Bed bugs can infest any home, and even the most luxurious 5-star accommodations. They can be found in airplanes, movie theaters, trains, cabs, and buses. They don't feed on dirt. They feed on blood. There are many blood-eating insects in the world: bed bugs, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, and more.

Here is what is scary about bed bugs

The bite of a bed bug is almost painless. That is why a man from Hollywood, Florida could get bitten multiple times on the forearm while visiting a cinema in Oakwood. While he was munching on popcorn, bed bugs inside the armrest were munching on him. This is made possible by the anticoagulant bed bugs administer into the bloodstream to allow it to flow easily.

Here is what you can do to protect yourself from bed bugs

Bed bugs leave fecal deposits inside the upholstery they are infesting. Use your cellphone as a flashlight and check your armrest while at the movie theater. Check the seat in your taxi cab. Look for this black residue on airline seats. Do an inspection when you stay at a hotel. Look on the seams and corners of all the beds. And, search sheets for tiny dried blood stains.

If you own a business, get regular bed bug inspections. This bug can be embarrassing to get rid of if your infestation grows too big. Always act quickly to a bed bug report, and always have a treatment plan in place. The last thing your business needs is a viral YouTube video highlighting a bed bug incident as though you've always had bed bugs. Stop them before they can grow in population, and protect your brand from these invasive bugs.

Bed bugs bite theater visitor:


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