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Bed Bug

Bed Bugs In Savannah

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Bed bug infestations are on the rise in cities and towns across the United States, and Savannah Georgia is no exception. These bugs are clever, persistent, and increasingly more efficient at spreading, due to world travel and a lack of public awareness.

How does a lack of public awareness help bed bugs spread?

This is not a bug that crawls, flies, or squeezes into homes. It is a hitchhiker. That means if you're finding these bugs in your home, they were carried in. Knowing how and where bed bugs are picked up, and what items they use to ride into your home, could save you from an infestation.

Where will I pick up bed bugs?

Every time you leave your home, you have a chance to pick up bed bugs. Most often it is when you stay somewhere overnight. It doesn't matter if you stay in a backwoods cabin or a 5-star resort, these little blood eaters can be anywhere--no matter how clean or opulent. They can also be found in trains, buses, taxi cabs, planes and public areas where people sit. They have even been found thriving in movie theaters.

What items do bed bugs ride into my house on?

The primary vehicle for bed bugs is luggage. They get into the seams or lay their eggs there. But these bugs and their eggs can be found riding in pocketbooks, bags, clothing, laptops, and furniture. Whenever you buy used furniture, be sure to check it closely for bed bugs.

How do you check for bed bugs?

These bugs leave their excrement in the pores of upholstered furniture and mattresses. If you look closely at stitching you'll see black blotched areas. You may also see the bugs themselves if you pull up cushions or pull and prod areas that have recessed seams.

What do I do if I have bed bugs in my Savannah home?

Contact McCall Service. We have the most advanced bed bug control services available, and you'll know that your bug problem will be handled quickly and discreetly.

Bed bugs live in Savannah, but they don't have to live in your home or your business. Don't ignore bed bugs if you've discovered these biting pests, they will not go away!


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