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Bed Bugs Bad Business

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This title isn't just a clever alliteration, it is infinitely true. Bed bugs are becoming a real problem for businesses, not just in hotels and motels, but in a wide variety of business. Why? Because bed bug infestations are growing at an alarming rate. One pest control company reported to the National Pest Management Association that their 28 employee company had 800 bed bug jobs this year, up from only 50 just five years ago.

So, is your business at risk? Here are a few examples of how bed bugs have been trouble for business and the contributing factor for the problem.

Call Center

When bed bugs started showing up at a call center in New York State, employees thought they were being bitten by fleas. It was soon apparent that bed bugs were to blame. This caused a major disruption for the company. Workers were forced to pay for a pest control company to inspect their homes, and they were not allowed to come back till they were given the all-clear. This has caused a lot of bad press for the call center and has called into question their compassion for their employees.

Analysis: Most people don't realize that bed bugs can feed on humans that are fully awake. If this call center had ongoing pest service that included non-invasive canine bed bug inspections, they could have avoided the bad press and the disruption to their business.

Apartment Building

A woman, tormented by bed bugs for a year, took matters into her own hands when exterminators were unable to fix the bed bug problem in her apartment building. A deadly mixture of bed bug treatment methods resulted in a fire that destroyed the entire building.

Analysis: Bed bugs can travel through wall voids. This makes it almost impossible to treat bed bugs in a single apartment. If the apartment manager or owner had treated the entire building or had a pest control company with K9 bed bugs inspectors isolate infested areas, this tragedy could have been avoided.

Retail Stores

These bugs have popped up in stores all across the country and some have had to close their doors to deal with the pests. As you can imagine, this is not good for business. It has also prompted dialog between business owners and governmental agencies on how best to deal with the issue.

Analysis: Why are bed bugs showing up in retail stores? These are hitchhiking bugs. That means customers bring them in with them. If you own a business that customers frequent, bed bugs can become a problem. The best bed bug protection available is routine, non-invasive K9 inspections. Trained dogs can smell bed bugs in all stages of development.

Bed bugs are bad for your business. If you want real protection from these invasive pests, go with a company that employs K9 inspectors. It is the best way to fight a hitchhiking bug that can travel through wall voids. Period.


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