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Bed Bugs And Your Business

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It is strange how something can be accepted in one context and completely unacceptable in another, for instance: it is okay to wear a bikini at the beach, but if you wear that same bikini through the mall, it is much less acceptable. Or how vacationers can deal with a few bugs if they're staying in a tent in the woods, but when you put a few bugs on them in a 5-star hotel, they come unglued. Go figure. Well, if you have been curious to learn more about how people might react when they find bed bugs while staying the night abroad, you've come to the right place. Here are some insights based on reviews left on social networks.

There are some people you can't help, no matter how hard you try. I'm sure you've dealt with more than a few. If they find bed bugs in their room it will be all over Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and before you can say, "How may I help you?" And they are unabashedly vocal about how displeased they are with your service.

The second type is the quiet type. If they find bed bugs or wake up and see that they have been bitten, they will check out without fuss and expend their energy dragging your good name through the mud online. To prevent this, you can be more vocal about your bed bug policies. When guests check in, let them know that bed bugs are unacceptable in your place of business and that compensation will be made if their room shows signs of bed bug activity. This may make them feel comfortable enough to bring the problem to your attention and save you from a bad review.

The third type is much more laid back. They seemed to have a knowledge of this pest and are easily satisfied when the manager gives them a new room and a bottle of complimentary wine. But this is a small group.

The fourth is similar to the third, but there is no way they are staying in a place that has bed bugs. When compensated for the room, they are content to leave a favorable review but unwilling to come back for another night stay. Ever.

The fifth is an interesting bunch. This group is the type to leave a follow-up review or a first review of a follow-up visit. They either, stayed numerous times without incident before bed bugs were found and were willing to give their favorite hotel another shot or they were convincingly assured by management that the problem would be dealt with and they returned for a second visit. The key to this repeat business from this type of guest is to demonstrate that you have a bed bug plan.

Do you a plan for engaging the public about bed bugs before they stay? Do you have a compensation plan for if bed bugs are found? Do you have routine inspections from a pest control company that uses K9 Bed Bug Inspectors? If you're looking for a way to protect your brand from needless bad reviews, bed bug sniffing dogs is the way to go. These dogs have an incredible sense of smell and are able to detect living bed bugs, even inside their egg sacks. That means an infestation can be stopped before it starts.

If you operate a hospitality business in Northern Florida, get the bed bug specialists a McCall Service to help you design a bed bug plan that works. They offer 100% effective bed bug heat treatments, staff training for bed bug detection, and K9 inspections. That's how you protect your business from these brand-damaging bugs.

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