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bed bug found on spring break

Bed Bug Tips For Spring Breakers

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There are so many things you bring home after a trip for spring break, including: life long memories, souvenirs and the motivation to finish the semester recharged and refreshed. One thing you don't want to bring back with you from spring break is bed bugs. These tiny little bugs can make the last part of the semester rather sleepless and extremely itchy, not to mention how unimpressed your parents will be when you head home for the summer bringing the crawly critters with you.

There are some things you can do to help make sure bed bugs don't infest your dorm or apartment when you get back from a week of fun in the sun. Before you leave for spring break, put plastic bags in the truck of your car, that way when you get back from your trip, you can put your luggage right in those bags and tie them up. That way, if any bed bugs do hitch a ride back with you on your luggage, you can keep it confined. Try to avoid packing anything that cannot be washed in extremely hot water or dry cleaned. Anything that cannot be washed, should be tossed. Seal everything you can in gallon, zip lock bags. Avoid putting your clothes in the closets and the dressers in your hotel room. Keep your suitcase off of the floor. In fact, the best place to keep your luggage is in the bathroom as that is the least likely place to find bed bugs. Check the reviews of the hotel you're staying at before your trip. Those reviews are the most candid and more likely to be honest about bed bugs problems.

When you get checked in to your hotel, you should check around your hotel room for signs of bed bugs. Look around the bed, bed frame and headboard, paying close attention to the creases of the mattress and the bedding. Also, check the wall where the headboard is attached. Inspect the sheets, box spring and mattress for copper stains. Don't be afraid to strip the bed to get a better look. The bed is not the only place that bed bugs can hide so be sure to check any couches, night stands, drawers and the closets. If you think there might be bed bugs in your room, ask to be moved to a different room, several floors away.

When you get home, keep an eye out for any signs of bed bugs. Because bed bugs tend to be the most active at night, you are not likely to see the bugs crawling around, but you may notice copper stains on sheets or bedding, discarded skins or bed bugs eggs or bed bug bites. While bed bugs do not pose any known health risks to humans, they do bite, leaving behind small, red, itchy bumps. If you notice any of these signs or suspect you may have brought home some bed bugs with you from spring break, you should contact a professional immediately. Bed bugs multiply quickly and are not bothered by most pesticides.

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