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two bed bugs found in a jacksonville hotel room

Beat The Heat And The Bed Bugs On Your Next Trip

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If you’re looking to beat the heat in Florida this summer there are plenty of great northern destinations. But before you toss the clothes in the suitcase and hop on the plane there a few things you should know. Bed bugs are still continuing to strike across the country and traveling only increases your chances of encountering these pests. Traveling on airplanes, taxis and buses or staying hotels and other commercial lodgings all expose you and your family to bed bugs. In order to avoid any bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you from vacation, there are some precautions you should take while traveling to avoid these pests.

Luggage safety

The eggs of bed bugs are very sticky which means that setting your suitcase down in any area could risk picking up a bed bug problem. But since you need to carry a suitcase while traveling, packing smart becomes the key. Pack your clothing into the large bags that seal shut. This way any bugs or eggs that may land in or on your bags will not make it to your clothes.

Also, when you are at the hotel it is best to keep your luggage up off the ground on one of the luggage stands that most hotels provide. Even if your hotel room inspection turns up with no sign of bed bugs, you can never be too careful.

Room inspections

The first thing that needs to occur upon arriving at your hotel room is to complete a thorough hotel room inspection. It is better to identify the problem before you really start to relax and unpack.  But keep in mind that if you do happen to see bed bugs  or any of their signs, just because one room is infested does not mean that any other rooms are. There is no need to find a new hotel because many infestations are isolated to a room from a previous traveler. Bed bugs are not at all a sign of filth or lack of cleanliness!

So grab your tiny flashlight (you did pack one right?) and start the top to bottom room inspection looking for any of these signs of bed bugs:

  • Dark spots of blood left after they feed on human blood

  • Light brown colored skins which are shed after they grow

  • Live bugs themselves which are about the size of an apple seed as adults

Do not forget to check all of the areas of your room and not just the bed. Most bed bugs hide in places such as the headboard, nightstands, under the carpet, upholstered furniture, behind hanging artwork, and even in electrical outlets.

Once you arrive home than it is important to keep an eye on the rooms of your home. You want to keep inspecting for any signs of bed bugs as they may have snuck their way back to your home. If you do happen to spot any of these pests then make sure to contact McCall Service right away. We are Northern Florida pest control professionals who offer the latest technology in treating for bed bugs, no matter how severe the problem. Serving a large service area including Tallahassee, Tampa and Jacksonville, we are ready to help you keep your home bed bug free this summer and all year long!

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