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Battling Bed Bugs? Beware!

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It doesn't take bed bugs long to spread throughout homes and businesses thanks to the warm Florida climate. Within a few months, these pests can take over an interior and infest every room. If you've seen the bugs or notice signs such as bites, blood stains on the pillows, or a musty odor around your bed, you may need to have McCall Service come in and conduct a thorough inspection.

3 Reasons to Use Professional Bed Bug Removal

Professionals Use the Latest Treatment Methods

Bed bugs may like Florida's climate, but they don't like extremely hot temperatures. In fact, professional pest control technicians use heat as an effective method for bed bug removal. While some homeowners use hot boxes to kill bugs in their shoes and clothes, they can cause fires if they're not used properly. It's best to hire a professional who can apply the treatments in the safest way possible.

DIY Bed Bug Prevention Doesn't Always Work

You can search online for ways to get rid of the bugs, but not all of them work or provide effective results. When you hire a professional, you're assured the most accurate methods for killing the pests. Not only can the professionals get rid of the pests, but they can also use preventive techniques to keep the bugs from coming back.

It Can Cost More Doing Everything Yourself

Handling the job yourself doesn't always save you money. If you use the wrong methods or buy things that don't work, you're actually throwing your money away. When you invest in professional bed bug control, you rely on qualified professionals who know how to handle an infestation. They use the latest equipment and treatments to eradicate the bugs and to keep them from coming back into your home.

Bed Bug Prevention With McCall Service

Bed bugs thrive in Florida and require professional pest control to prevent a massive infestation. McCall Service specializes in bed bug removal and has trained technicians who can effectively inspect your home or business. Let our pest control professionals locate the bugs, apply corrective treatments and keep them from spreading and contaminating your interior living spaces.

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