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bed bugs are being found in college dorms

Back To School: Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs

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The college year is in full swing, and that means bed bug activity is on the rise. All the bugs that hitched a ride in to school, from every corner of the globe, have had time to lay their eggs. And, since bed bugs grow to adulthood in about a month, if any have nested in your room, now is when you'll start to see them. They won't be tiny, little brown specs anymore. These tick-like blood eaters can grow to several millimeters, and they multiply fast. A female termite can have over 4000 offspring in a six month period. That is scary business, especially when you consider the fact that they're crawling all over you while you sleep.

How to inspect for bed bugs

Take a flashlight and check between your sheets, and along the edge of your mattress and box spring. When bed bugs feast and get engorged, they can leave tiny blood spots on your sheets. These spots will become dark brown after they have dried. Look for these spots where you lay your ankles. On the mattress and box spring, search for moist black regions. Bed bug excrement is black. The more bugs you have, the larger these patches will be.

Use your flashlight to check in boxes and bags, in the back of drawers, on furniture cushions, and in cabinets.

If your check comes up negative, give a sigh of relief, and get ready for step two.

How to keep bed bugs away

Keeping bed bugs away is as easy as keeping things neat and clean. Clean your carpets regularly. Wash your clothing and sheets on the highest temperature, and dry them on the highest temperature. Keep dirty clothes off the floor and change your bedding regularly. Bed bugs live on blood, but they love filth and bacteria. Keep it clean, and you'll have a chance of those bugs staying away.

What if I find bed bugs?

If you find bed bugs, contact your RA immediately. Your school should have procedures to deal with bed bugs. If your RA doesn't look into the problem, or is resistant to doing anything about it, contact Residential Life on campus, or the department of health in the town the college resides. But don't worry, almost all colleges want to get rid of those bed bugs as bad as you do.

Stay vigilant!

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