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Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling This Spring

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Millions of people will spend part of their spring traveling all over the United States. Savannah will welcome thousands and thousands of travelers looking to explore our historic city before it gets too hot for many of our northern friends to be here. Others might be coming home from college for the summer anxious to reconnect with friends and family. Still more come and go for work and weekend excursions all season long. We are thrilled with how Savannah thrives! With the heavy traveling going on, it is essential to take the time to protect home and family from one of the pests who enjoys all of the hustle more than their human hosts do - bed bugs.

The bed bug, once almost a memory in a children’s rhyme, has made one of the greatest comebacks in history. These pests have in recent years been found in every state of the country, partially because of the rate that bed bugs reproduce and partially because these pests travel very well in baggage and clothing without anyone suspecting that they are carrying these tiny little hitchhikers.

There are things that can be done to protect the traveler from bringing home souvenirs that they never intended. When checking into any hotel or motel, no matter how many stars it has or how clean everything appears, make sure to check it out before you unpack anything. Especially look under the mattress and around the headboard for tiny blood stains or feces stains that bed bugs leave behind. There might also be tiny specs of dirt that are actually eggs. When the bed appears clear, make sure to inspect any soft furniture in the room. Bed bugs aren’t terribly fussy despite their name. They just want to be where they can easily connect with a host to feed from, as well as go home with if the opportunity should present itself.

Even though everything might be clear in the room, there is still work to do when you get home. Unpack immediately. That goes for welcoming your college-age child home as well. Unpack everything and wash it all in hot water if at all possible. This will kill off anything that might have gotten in during transit. Then, take a vacuum and thoroughly clean all of the luggage inside and out before storing it away. You may also want to consider using a flashlight to inspect every crevice of the bags at the same time.

The fact is, even the most vigilant travelers could bring home bed bugs. These are sneaky creatures that can easily slip into a jacket pocket from a park bench, or tuck into your pant leg as you relax on a flight. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, give us a call. Our bed bug elimination team is top-notch when it comes to locating the source of a bed bug infestation in both homes and commercial properties. With our combination of environmentally sound products and heat treatments, McCall Service can keep your home bed bug free, and give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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