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Red Ant

Are You Seeing Red Ants In Your Backyard?

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If you have red ants around your Florida home, there is a good chance they're red imported fire ants, or Solenopsis Invicta Buren. Since their arrival in the 1930s at the port of Mobile, Alabama, these ants have spread aggressively across the southern states and found good pasture in the Sunshine State. But your friendly fire ant experts at McCall Service have some advice on how to keep these little biters from making your life miserable.

Fire Ant Control

These ants want what all ants want: something to eat. Knowing what they eat--and how they behave--can actually help you keep them out of your house.

  • This is an ant that likes sugars. If you leave sugar grains around your coffee maker or on your shelves, you'll invite these ants in.

  • Another sugar they enjoy comes from nectar. A leftover apple core is a feast for fire ants. A banana sitting on your counter is irresistible.

  • Fire ants are predators that also enjoy eating other insects, but they are more than happy to get their protein from a bowl of pet food. If you have a cat or a dog, consider putting food down only during mealtime.

  • Fire ants love trash. There are all kinds of proteins and sugary treats in your trash. Keep your trash cans fully sealed to keep these tiny ants out.

  • Though worker ants can chew, they are only able to swallow liquids. This means that they must bring food back to their nest to eat. Locating and patching up basement walls can keep fire ants from entering your home.

An even better way to stop ants from getting into your house is to eradicate ant colonies on your property and keep new colonies from forming. This takes the skills of an expert. A pest control technician has many tools to destroy ant mounds and kill colonies at their heart. They also have the gear and expertise needed to keep fire ants from encroaching onto your property from a neighboring property.

If you enjoy walking around in your bare feet, relaxing in the sun, or any other activity in your backyard, year round pest control services can significantly improve your quality of life. You don't have to live at the mercy of those light red ants anymore. Partner with the specialists and make your yard a more pleasant place for your toes to be.

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