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Are They Talking About Your Florida Lawn?

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Okay. The days of women gossiping over the fence in their backyards--or while folding stacks of laundry with a telephone tucked between their ear and shoulder--are probably over. But that doesn't mean your neighbors aren't noticing whether or not your lawn is looking a little under the weather. It's easy to say we don't care what our neighbors think. But the truth is, a neighborhood is a community, and we don't feel like we're doing our part to make it nice if our lawn is looking shabby. But how do you find the time to take care of it when you're trying to make ends meet, buying groceries, scheduling dentist appointments, juggling credit cards, carting kids to school activities and a million other things?

Lawn care is actually more affordable than you might think. Some companies, like McCall Service in Florida, have plans as low as $29.99 a month. They'll make sure your lawn looks green and they take care of pests, like fire ants and fleas while they're at it. If you're the kind of person who likes to feel the grass between your toes, you know how nice it is to not step on a fire ant mound.

A lawn requires a proper water balance, and that can be a real pain to achieve in Florida. Chronically dry soil resists moisture and can lead to problems with absorption. This leaves grass looking brown and wilted. Lawn care professionals use products like Hydretain to reduce water requirements by as much as 50% or more, dramatically relieving drought stress issues.

Professionals know how to control brown patch fungus and other common turfgrass pests that can damage your lawn and ornamental plants and shrubbery. They know how to control those weeds, apply sod, deal with irrigation issues, and apply the right amount of fertilizer to make your lawn beautiful and vibrant.

Trained lawn technicians from McCall visit 6 times a year in a recognizable vehicle and official uniforms, so you don't have to worry about who is on your property. They use premium, custom-blended products to your lawn that reduce turf damaging insects, control broadleaf weeds, and some turf diseases. They apply appropriate fertilizers in needed quantities and set ant baits to kill fire ant colonies. The insecticide used in treatments also kills all stages of flea development.

Don't go another year without having the benefits of a lush lawn. Barbecues, backyard camping, and lawn activities are so much sweeter on a beautiful lawn.

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