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silverfish crawling on the floor

Are Silverfish Harmful?

In: Home Pest Control

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Have you seen these little silver bugs skittering around your home? They look like something out of a horror movie. So, it only makes sense that you would wonder if they are harmful or not. Well, we have good news and bad news.

The Good News

Those silverfish aren't going to hurt you physically. They have no mouthparts that can bite you, nor do they have any interest in biting you. These creatures don't feed on blood--or humans for that matter. They eat things with starch and cellulose, things such as book bindings, clothing, carpets, wallpaper, tapestries, paper, photos, paint, plaster, and glue. If they are particularly hungry, they may feed on dead insects, cotton, linen, silk, or their own molted exoskeleton. Don't all these things sound delicious? Well, they are to silverfish. That is why you don't have to worry about them nibbling on you.

The Bad News

It appears we have already accidentally mentioned the bad news within the ‘good news’ section above. While it is great that silverfish don't bite us, some of those other things they feed on could be important keepsakes or valuables. If your grandfather passed down to you a book his grandfather gave him, and you have that book stored in your attic, those silverfish could cause another type of harm: psychological harm. It is distressing to find a collectible with holes chewed all through it. Silverfish don't know the difference between wallpaper or something important, such as a financial document or a rare photo of you and your spouse doing that one unique thing you only did that one time. It is all food to them. They aren't aware that the garment they just chewed a hole through was your child's graduation gown or your grandmother's wedding dress. They don't know that the tapestry they've been nibbling on is from the 3rd century. Okay. You get the point. Though silverfish aren't harmful to us physically, they can harm our belongings, and that can cause great distress.

More Good News

You don't have to live with silverfish. At McCall Service, we have a team of educated professionals who understand the habits and habitats of silverfish. They know what draws these creatures into a home, how to find them, and what measures are needed to fully exclude them. You don't have to worry about your home furnishings, clothing, and keepsakes. We've got you covered.

Even More Good News

When you get year-round pest control from McCall Service, silverfish are covered. That means you can protect your home from wasps, roaches, spiders, ticks, ants, scorpions, flies, silverfish, and a whole host more. Get your defense plan in place today, and rest easy by calling on McCall. Call McCall, we do it all!

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