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Are Lawn Pests And Diseases Threatening Your Florida Lawn?

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A healthy lawn not only enhances your curb appeal, it can add value to your home and property.  Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is not only time-consuming, it can be challenging.  Lawn diseases, fertilization issues and pests are variables that threaten Florida lawns and often leave property owners frustrated.  

Brown Patch Fungus

Generally occurring when temperatures dip below 80°F, brown patch fungus is a lawn disease that often affects St. Augustinegrass and other warm-season turfgrasses and is brought on by long periods of high humidity, rainfall and excessive irrigation.  Signs of brown patch fungus include soft, dark rot at the base of affected leaves, rotting odor, small patches and rings of yellow or brown turf.  Click here to learn more about the lawn diseases that our region must contend with. 

Chinch Bugs

We get a lot of complaints from homeowners about chinch bugs and feel these nuisance and damaging pests were worth a minute or two to talk about.  Capable of causing significant and noticeable damage, these insects are considered the most important pest of St. Augustine grass in Florida and they produce three generations per year in the northern part of the state, including Jacksonville and TampaSigns of a chinch bug infestation include yellowed grass and lawn damage occurring in open, sunny areas near sidewalks and driveways as well in the middle of lawns.  If you’ve noticed any of these signs of damage to your lawn, we recommend taking a closer look.  Get close to the ground and part the blades of grass to look around and under the roots.  Be on the lookout for insects running for cover as chinch bugs will try to avoid the sun when exposed.  To learn more about other lawn pests common in our area, please visit McCall’s lawn pest identification page.

If you are tired of dealing with brown patches on your lawn, chinch bugs, mole crickets and other pests or simply don’t want to spend your down time fighting weeds and being a slave to your lawn, contact McCall Service.  We offer comprehensive lawn care services in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa and throughout Northern Florida

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