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termites found in the groud near a georgia home

Are Georgia Termites A Threat In Winter?

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Let's start with a piece of information that may seem irrelevant at first, but we're sure you'll come to agree that it is perhaps the most relevant fact you'll ever hear about termites in winter. What is this perception-altering fact? Termites are a major threat in Massachusetts. See. We knew your forehead would wrinkle like that. But hang with us. This is where it gets good.
The first point you should consider is that termites can even survive in Massachusetts. Those Mass. winters can be brutal, but the most dangerous termite in the United States, the subterranean termite, can make it through the northern winters just fine. These termites burrow deep into the ground and establish their colonies below the frost line. When winter comes, and the ground is insulated with several feet of snow, those termites are snug as some bugs in a rug.
Here is another fact about termites in Massachusetts: They take a break in the winter. Being that these are cold-blooded creatures, they are the same temperature as the soil around them. They have no ability to regulate their temperature like warm-blooded creatures do. This makes dealing with cold temperatures a little more complicated. As temperatures drop, termites will start to slow down. If temps drop even more, termites will cease to move, or may even die. But, since there are termites in Massachusetts, we can assume that they know how to protect themselves from the extreme cold down there inside the Earth. But, though the cold doesn't generally kill them, it does prevent them from climbing up tunnels and using mud tubes on the side of a home they are feeding on. This gives homeowners in the north a short reprieve.
In Georgia, we aren't so fortunate. The temperatures here seldom drop down low enough to deter termites from climbing up through tunneling and mud tubes to feast on our property. That means they are able to destroy a Georgia home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
If you've been considering a termite inspection, don't wait till spring to get it taken care of. Don't give those wood-destroying insects 4 more months to eat away at your support beams and warp the structure of your house. If these insects can survive a Massachusetts winter, they aren't going to be slowed down by a Georgia winter.
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