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Are Bed Bugs Dirty?

In: Bed Bug Control  |  Savannah GA

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There is a myth about bed bugs that could give you a false sense of security. It centers around the idea that these blood-eating pests only infest homes that are dirty. We're going to take a look at the notion that bed bugs are a dirty pest and see how it can affect you and your home.

If you do a search for "bed bugs" on the internet, you are sure to find several pictures that show filthy mattresses and furniture. This may cause you to immediately jump to the conclusion that bed bugs are indeed a pest that only infests the homes of dirty people. But you would be wrong. Take a look at those pictures again. Notice that many of them are close-ups, and many of them are shots of creases and seams. These are not places we generally notice in our daily cleaning. You could change the sheets on your mattress once a week and not notice the black excrement hidden in a deep seam or under a corner. You would definitely not notice that dark brown and black staining if it was inside the mattress or between the mattresses. If you're not looking for signs of bed bugs, they can be easily missed.

No matter how clean your home is, you can still have bed bugs. These bugs are dirty, but they don't require a dirty home. They will live anywhere they can get a blood meal. Understanding this could prevent you from having a serious infestation.

Checking For Bed Bugs

  • Staining won't necessarily be noticeable. When you look for the black and brown staining of bed bug excrement, look between mattresses, under and around the corners, in the seams and underneath.

  • When bed bugs infest a piece of furniture, the excrement can be seen in obvious places, like in stitching or on the arms of a couch or chair. Be sure to look under furniture as well.

  • Bed bugs don't just live in furniture. They can live behind baseboards, in wall outlets, in electronics, and inside the headboards of your bed. If you see black excrement anywhere in your home--except your pantry--you could have these bugs. Remember, these bugs don't eat your food, they eat your blood.

  • Along with inspecting for excrement in hidden places, be sure to look for the other signs of a bed bug infestation: Bites on your skin that appear in a row or cluster, blood stains on sheets, shed skins in your bed or on furniture, and the actual bugs themselves. They are oval in shape and rust-colored, ranging from the size of a pen tip to about the size of a pea.

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