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Pavement Ants In Northern Florida

Are Ants In Florida Infesting Your Home?

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Of all the different pests found in homes throughout Northern Florida, ants seem to be one of the most commonly reported pests. These tiny, social insects can really put a damper on your summer fun due to the fact that they can be troublesome both inside your home and outside on your property. There are many different types of ants in Northern Florida, some are just a nuisance but others can be a more serious threat.


Pavement ants - Most known for making nests in the cracks of pavement, hence the name. This species is usually light brown to black in color and aside from contaminating the food they find in your home, pavement ants are just a major nuisance pest. They will forage for just about any food source including right in your kitchen.


Carpenter ants - A more serious threat are the large black ants that you may find carving galleries into your deck or window frames to form nests. Carpenter ants are a wood-destroying pest and are especially eager to find wood sources that are damp or decaying. While they do not eat wood like termites, their damages can be comparable.


Red imported fire ants - These reddish colored ants typically form their nests in the ground. You may see a mound of sand signifying the nest under the ground. The biggest threat of red imported fire ants is that they have the capability to sting. If disturbed, fire ants will attack by the hundreds, leaving victims in serious pain.


Pharaoh ants - These tiny yellowish colored ants are usually a problem for hospitals, nursing homes, or other buildings. They prefer to form nests near artificial heating sources in order to stay warm (and active). It is important to note that these ants are capable of spreading Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas infections when in a hospital setting.


So, how do you avoid the threat of these small but mighty pests? As mentioned before, ants are a common pest to find in and around your Northern Florida home or property but it does not make them a welcome guest. Here are a few ant prevention tips from the FL pest control professionals at McCall Service:


  • Seal off all exterior cracks, holes or other openings so ants cannot get inside.

  • Replace any window screens that are broken or torn.

  • Trim back bushes and shrubs along the exterior of the home. They should not touch the side of the home.

  • Be sure to keep the kitchen and home free of food debris including crumbs and spills.


If ants are a problem in your home or on your property today, or if you would like to simply make sure they do not become a problem, please call McCall Service to learn more about our pest and ant control services in Tampa, Ocala, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee as well as elsewhere in Northern Florida service area.


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