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ants have been found in many commercial buildings in florida

Ants In Tallahassee Threaten Commercial Facilities

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Ants will get in any way they can! If there are cracks in the foundation, ants will enter through these cracks. Holes or rips in window or door screens along with holes in the exterior will allow many different types of pests inside, including ants. Sometimes people don’t realize that items and materials coming into the facility can bring in ants as well.

What threats do ants pose?

In hospitals, food processing facilities and even restaurants, ants can be a serious problem. They contaminate food sources, they can become a nuisance to customers and patients and they can ruin your reputation. Carpenter ants are also known to be very destructive, chewing away at the wood in your structure to build their nests.

What can be done to prevent ants?

Preventing ants can be a challenge, especially in a commercial environment. These are just a few of the things that can be done to prevent ants from entering your commercial facility:

  • Remove mulch from directly around the perimeter of the structure. Instead install an 18 inch wide perimeter of crushed rock or gravel around the building.

  • Never leave food out on counters and keep trash cans away from the immediate exterior of the building.

  • Make sure the landscaping around the building does not attract ants and other pests.

  • Keep your facility clean; remove crumbs and spills immediately.

  • Keep your facility dry; ants may be attracted to the moist or damp environments that they find inside your structure.

A partnership with a commercial pest control professional is the best way to prevent ant populations from taking over your commercial facility. The pros at McCall Service know ant control in Tallahassee; we’ve been helping our fellow business owners with their pest problems since we opened in 1928! Pest control in a commercial facility is a very delicate balance and requires the cooperation of your business manager and all your employees along with working closely with a pest control professional. For more information on commercial pest control services in Tallahassee from the experts at McCall, please call us today!

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