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An Indoor Habit: Putting The "House" In House Spiders

In: Jacksonville Pest Control

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For many – especially the arachnophobes among us – the sight of a house spider is enough to cause chills. McCall Service, serving Jacksonville, FL and other communities in the region, offers these spider prevention tips to calm your nerves. 

The House Spider-Human Connection

House spiders descended from large sea creatures that lived 480 million years ago. These arachnids have cohabitated with humans since as far back as the Roman Empire. The house spider lives indoors not to raid our pantries, like many pests, but for water and shelter. For centuries, they've hitched rides from one country or continent to another via ships and other vessels. Spider varieties that end up in non-native climates often have a tough time surviving outside.

Once inside our homes, they usually dine on insects and drink water where they can find it. The house spider comes in many varieties – some native, some not. That's why it's often kinder to kill a spider than to release it outside. Because few of us can identify the many house spider types, it's nearly impossible to know which are native and can survive our climate and which would die slowly in weather to which they aren't acclimated. 

House Spider Prevention

The American house spider and most other common varieties are relatively harmless, but some can cause serious health issues. While the majority only cause welts and a little discomfort with their bites, they're still nuisances. If the thought of arachnids running wild in your home has you more than a little uncomfortable, try these prevention tips: 

  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Repair torn screens
  • Seal wall gaps and cracks
  • Eliminate other pest infestations
  • Banish cardboard boxes, a popular hiding spot
  • Switch to yellow lighting and direct outside lights away from the house

Many spider control measures involve cutting off their food supply by getting rid of other pests. 

A Solution to Spiders

If you already have a house spider problem, getting rid of it on your own is rarely an option. With a few exceptions, these spiders stay out of sight as much as possible. If you see one, you could have a full-blown infestation on your hands without knowing it. Contact McCall Service in Jacksonville, FL to get rid of spiders in your home. Our spider prevention and control experts restore comfort and safety to residents and business owners.

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