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german cockroach found in a tallahassee home

An Encounter Of The Cockroach Kind

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Cockroaches!  Even their name sounds sinister!  You fell asleep in front of the TV again while watching your favorite holiday flick, and woke to the grumbling of your stomach and a stiff neck.  You desperately try to wipe the cobwebs from your brain when somewhere from deep in its recesses you realize that there is ice cream in the freezer.  Perfect snack in the middle of the night!  You finally convince your legs to work, well, somewhat, and stumble towards the kitchen.  With one hand you are rubbing your eyes and with the other you are systematically sweeping the wall knowing there’s a light switch there somewhere.  Your finger finally catches the switch and the room is instantly flooded with light.  It takes a moment for your aching eyes to catch up and adjust to the sudden brightness, but in that moment you see them!
They are about ½ an inch long with light brown to tan color and two dark brown stripes behind their head.  They have wings, but you don’t see them take flight.  Instead, these fast little creepy creatures can practically break the sound barrier as they scurried away the moment you flipped on that light switch in search of your midnight snack.  Ok, so perhaps they aren’t quite that fast, but they are fast.  This is when your brain finally kicks into full gear and you realize that you are watching German cockroaches scrambling through your kitchen.  So much for anything that resembles sleep for the rest of that night!
German cockroaches are actually the most common cockroach in Tallahassee.  There are three other varieties: the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the Asian cockroach that frequent Florida homes and businesses; but not to the degree that German cockroaches seem to.  No matter which species of cockroach has decided to invade your home, they all have this in common:  They carry germs and disease!  That’s right; no cockroach is a good cockroach to have wandering through your pantry, across your cupboards, and through your silverware drawer – or even worse, scampering across your face while you sleep in search of their midnight snack!  No matter how you look at it, a cockroach in the kitchen means it’s time to call in the big guns!
No, I don’t mean firearms.  That’s a bit drastic, don’t you think?  Call the big guns at McCall Service.  Our professional technicians are highly trained, experienced weapons that you can bring to your battle against cockroaches.  One call to McCall sets into motion one of the most elite, powerful cockroach-fighting armies around.  We are safe, efficient, and effective at the cockroach war and will decisively obtain victory for you in record time without any collateral damages!
If you have stumbled onto a cockroach infestation during your midnight trip to the kitchen, give McCall a call.  We have programs designed for year round pest control and you can bundle up different treatments to either make your own program or add to an existing program.  Either way, with our experience your cockroach problem will be a distant memory and you can continue to live pest-free!

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