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Jacksonville, FL

Affordable Pest Control In Jacksonville, FL

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Let's face it, Jacksonville is a great place to live--and bugs think so too. Florida is home to the most robust assortment of pests in the entire United States, and those pests stay active 365 days a year. So having a pest control plan isn't just a good idea, it is a necessity.

When you consider how much you'll have to spend to pay off your house, can you really afford to get subterranean termites? When you consider yearly health care costs, can you afford to deal with the illness mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, and other pests spread? You don't need carpenter ants chewing, wasps stinging, spiders biting, carpenter bees burrowing, house crickets chirping, fleas and ticks sucking, or the host of other bugs that invade your home doing whatever they do. Make this the year that you improve your quality of life and protect your financial investment. Make this the year you get year-round pest protection.

Your Jacksonville pest control specialists at McCall Service want you to know that help is available AND affordable. McCall's easy bundles help you pick the services you want and save money doing it. If you choose any two services, you save 10%. If you choose 3 you save 15%! We even have packages that do it all. No matter what pests you have, our We Do It All Bundle promises no pests between services or we'll come back and take care of them for free.

  • Pest Control: Industry leading pest control that comes in four quarterly service calls. You'll get inside and outside care to make sure your home stays a pest-free zone. McCall professionals always arrive in uniform and wear slippers and gloves to protect your home, while they protect your home.

  • Lawn Care: When you add lawn care, you get lush green grass and healthier ornamentals than you've ever had. You don't have to worry about pests like moles, voles and gophers. And fleas and ticks will no longer be plaguing you.

  • Termites: With termite control, your equity is safe. McCall uses the modern and eco-friendly Sentricon®Termite Colony Elimination System to destroy termite colonies before worker termites can eat away silently on the wood of your home.

  • Mosquitoes: McCall technicians have the knowledge and experience to find and eliminate mosquito breeding sites. They also have the technical expertise to micro-spray areas where adult mosquitoes hide during the day.

When you partner with McCall Service you're guaranteed the best Jacksonville pest control at any price. And, we're sure you will agree, it is worth every penny.

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