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5 Reasons Why Pests Love Your Home

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Do you love your Florida home? Yes? Well, not surprisingly--so do pests. From your home they can stay active all year round. But you can make your home less attractive to pests by understanding what attracts them. Here are the top five things pests love.

A cluttered yard

  • If your yard is overgrown, pests will have a wonderful time exploring it and laying eggs in it.

  • If you have boxes, cinder blocks, old tires, a junk car, construction materials, a toaster--okay, I think you get the idea... Bugs and rodents love clutter. They nest and lay eggs in these things.


  • If you have standing water on your lawn after it rains, you'll have lots of pests targeting your yard.

  • If your gutter system doesn't get water away from your foundation, pests will be right at home.

  • Pests love water and moist soil. If you have places that stay moist between rain storms, you'll have bugs in those nooks. Try putting gravel in those places, to make them less cozy.

The food

  • Open trash cans are a dinner bell for pests. Even if your trash is in plastic bags, make sure to seal them in covered trash cans. Trash is a food source and an egg laying site for bugs.

  • If you grill, make sure to clean up spills and put away food.

  • If you draw flying insects, you'll draw the creatures that eat insects. An open trash, ripening fruit, and even outside lights, can increase the population of flying insects around your home. This will make the spiders happy. Don't leave food sources out for bugs and rodents to eat or lay their eggs in.

  • Many insects eat plants. If you have lots of plants, you'll draw lots of insects.

  • Bees and wasps love flowers and sweet things. If they can't find flowers, they'll be happy to take a sip of your grape juice or soda. Sugar water is yummy.

The color

  • There is only one bullet point for this one. If you have a bright house you will draw insects. Many insects, like the ladybug, are drawn to bright, happy colors. There isn't a lot you can do about this, but a spray treatment on your home will keep bugs from sticking around if they were drawn in by the color of your home.

Bacteria inside

  • If your rug has decaying crumbs, any number of pests will love crawling around in it.

  • Insects can live in a home with disinfected counters and floors, but they don't prefer it. They would much rather be in a home where apple jelly globs sit on the counter for days--next to ketchup and a clump of old egg.

  • Pests love rotting panty foods and can smell it from a great distance.

  • Pests love pet food that sits out longer than meal time. The longer it sits, the more they love it.

  • Many insects, like the cockroach, love a home with grime and gunk around the oven or refrigerator. Deep cleaning these areas is a great deterrent.

  • Bugs love a moist basement and a stale, humid pantry. Keep these areas dry and well ventilated.

If you want to keep your home pest free, don't give those pests what they want. Learn how to make your home unattractive to pests. And look into getting it sealed and protected. You should never have to live with bugs in your home. Let them stay in nature where they belong.

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