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Florida Pest Prevention Tips

5 Pest Control Tips For 2014

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With 2013 coming to a close and 2014 quickly approaching, many people stop to consider their resolutions for the New Year. Although most of these resolutions have to do with dropping a few pounds, getting more exercise or working towards a healthier lifestyle, we would like to recommend a different kind of resolution for 2014: keep your home pest free in the New Year!


At McCall Services, we can help you achieve this resolution for a pest-free property. Our knowledgeable professionals have a lot of experience in removing Florida spiders, insects and rodents from homes and businesses throughout Jacksonville, Tampa and Tallahassee and we can help you with whatever pest may be bothering you. Although our services can be helpful whenever you notice a particular pest problem, the best way to remain pest free throughout the year is to enlist our year round residential pest control services- stop pests before they can even enter your home.


At McCall, we know that prevention is one of the very best ways to avoid a pest problem. So to start of the New Year without the worry of pests, here are 5 pest control tips for those in Northern Florida:


  1. Cut back tree branches and shrubs from around the perimeter of your home. These may act as a bridge for pests looking to get into your home.

  2. Make sure all windows and doors have tight fitting window or door screens installed; pests will get into your home through open doors and windows and through screens that have rips or tears.

  3. Clean up the kitchen and pantry. Crumbs and spills can attract cockroaches, ants, flies and even rodents.

  4. Eliminate areas of clutter inside your home. Pests like spiders can make a nice home in an undisturbed pile of clutter, so removing the clutter can reduce areas where pests will hide.

  5. Enlist the professionals at McCall Service for effective year round pest control services to eliminate pests all year long.


Our pest control methods are backed by the most comprehensive guarantee in the business; we will help you achieve and maintain a pest free home in Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and throughout Northern Florida. McCall Service is a family owned and operated pest control, lawn care and petroleum distribution company that has been serving parts of Florida and Georgia since 1928. To get a jumpstart on your pest-free New Year’s Resolution, now is a good time to give us a call! For more information on our home pest control services or to schedule your first inspection, you can contact us online or call us at 1-800-342-6948.

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