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4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away

In: Savannah GA

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What is it about spiders that makes them so icky? Is it that they look so different from us? That is definitely part of it. It is unsettling to watch something crawling on the wall that has six more legs than you do. Not only that, but the unnatural way those legs slowly and methodically rise and fall is unsettling. And, they have six more eyes than we do. It's bad enough to have two little eyes studying you from the shadows, but eight, that's just creepy. Spiders definitely have the gross factor going on.

It seems only natural to squish one with extreme vengeance when you find it creeping down the shower wall. Partly, because it has invaded your comfort zone, but also because an un-killed spider is left to creep around the house, only to crawl across your face while you're sleeping comfortably in your bed. That more than justifies a swift death sentence, don't you think?

Spiders also leave webs, and those can be a pain, especially if you walk through one, and get it in the face. You just can't help but wonder if the spider is now on your neck, and creeping into your shirt. It's probably not true, but you can't help but think it.

Here are 4 tips to keep those spiders away?

  1. The battle begins in your yard. Spiders like shaded moist areas, and are particularly fond of wood piles, and overgrown areas with junk. If you have construction material, old tires, piles of lumber, dead leaves, boxes, cinder blocks, or other materials in your yard, spiders will nest and lay eggs. Keep your lawn free of clutter, weeds, tall grass, and dead leaves, to deter spiders from nesting near your home. They will also be drawn in by moisture. If you have lots of plants, and use a sprinkler, spiders will come. If you have the clutter out of your yard, and no moist shady areas for them to live under your deck or patio, you'll have less spiders laying eggs. Putting gravel on moist dirt under your deck is a great way to make this spot unappealing for spiders to leave those eggs. Having a few spiders around to catch bugs, is not a problem. Egg laying spiders, laying eggs in moist shaded areas, is how infestations begin. Get a professional to spray your yard for eggs, to kee p the spider population from exploding.

  2. When you find webs inside or outside your home, use a broom, mop, or vacuum to remove them. This will deter spiders from hanging out next to your home, and keep them from laying eggs close to your foundation.

  3. Plants, flowers, open trash cans, and outside lights, attract bugs, and bugs attract spiders. The more bugs you have, the more spider will want to come and stick around. There isn't much you can do about those plants and flowers, but you can keep your trash cans sealed. And, you can replace bright white light we dimmer yellow light, to keep flying insects from swarming near them.

  4.  If the spiders are coming in close to the house, your last line of defense are the walls of your home. You'll need to make sure everything is sealed tight. Check the foundation for cracks, especially under your deck or patio. Look for rotted wood, and fix or seal those holes. Check and fix any screens that need fixing, and add screens to places like vents or the top of your chimney. Examine your door sweeps and weather stripping to make sure they make a good seal. And have a professional apply a preventative treatment to the outside of your home. Spiders don't need much of a gap to slip in, and once they're in your walls, it is hard to eradicate them. The best way to keep them out, is to make climbing on your walls less than desirable.

With a little maintenance, and a protective coating, spiders will have no desire to get into your home. And, the few that are left can go about doing the job they were made to do, keep the insects from chewing on your plants.

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