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4 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home

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Do you have unwanted pests in your home? Ants are a common pest to find in your home. They venture out from their colony in search of food and water. If they can find an easy source of food, water and a warm shelter, they will mark the trail and keep returning in larger numbers. These forager ants are persistent and will keep returning to help feed and shelter their colony. Their entire colony of thousands of ants may even move into your home. Removing this colony completely can be a long and tiring process.

Here are a few tips to try to prevent ants from entering your home in the first place:

  1. Sealing entry points: Try to make sure all of your windows, doors and vents are sealed tight. These little ants do not need much room to enter your home. Just a small crack can let in a whole colony of ants. Sealing your home tight can stop an ant infestation before it starts.

  2. Replacing torn screens: Ants can climb up walls and screens. Make sure to replace any screens that have holes or splits in them. This will help prevent ants from entering your home through windows and screen doors.

  3. Trimming back tree branches and shrubs: Try to make sure that any trees or shrubs are trimmed back from your home. These branches can create an easy bridge from the ground to your home for ants and other pests. Keep them short and trimmed away from your home.

  4. Keeping food inaccessible to ants: Keep all food sources cleaned up and sealed. If ants find an easy food source in your home, they will forage in your home and keep returning. This is crucial to preventing ants in your home. If they can find an easy source of food, they may be inclined to move in their entire colony.

If you find that you already have an ant infestation, call a professional pest exterminator. They will help identify your pest problem, set up a comprehensive plan to eliminate the ants and then help keep them away. Do-it-Yourself ant control can be expensive and dangerous. It can also be ineffective with ants returning in just days.

Don’t let ants come marching in one by one into your home. Keep ants out and your home safe and comfortable!

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