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4 Tips For The Best Looking Lawn In Jacksonville

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Although Florida lawns don’t have to deal with the extreme temperature and seasonal changes that Northern lawns endure, there is still a lot of time and energy that is necessary to ensure they are happy and healthy. Lawn maintenance in Jacksonville, FL can be a lot of work but the end result is very rewarding! Having a healthy lawn will mean that you and your family can enjoy it all year long!

The experts at McCall Service want to offer you 4 easy tips for Florida lawn maintenance. These tips should help to ensure that no matter what Florida’s weather holds that your lawn can withstand it and remain healthy.

  1. Mowing - Regular mowing will help to keep your lawn healthy. When mowing make sure not to cut your grass too short, this will expose the grasses’ roots. Exposing grass roots to a lot of sunshine will cause your grass to die and turn brown. Keeping your grass longer also helps to block the sunlight that weeds need to grow.

  2. Fertilizing - Fertilizing your lawn can be trickier than you think. Using the wrong fertilizer for your lawn can be more damaging than not fertilizing at all. When choosing a fertilizer make sure you are using the right type for the season, your climate and grass type.

  3. Reseeding - If you have bare spots in your yard you should re-seed these areas sooner than later. Bare spots in your lawn are prime targets for weed growth. Planting new grass in those areas will act as a type of natural weed control for your lawn.

  4. Professional Help - Jacksonville lawn care can be complex, and with everyone’s busy schedule these days it may beneficial to both you and your lawn to get help. At McCall Services we have lawn care services that are completed by our trained and knowledgeable service technicians.

Since lawn care in Florida really is a year-round commitment it can become very time consuming for many property owners. For this reason, getting help from a professional lawn care service might be your best bet! Contact McCall Services today to speak with one of our experts about our Jacksonville lawn care services and get all the necessary information on how we can help make your lawn the greenest one on the block!



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