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3 Signs You Have Mice In Your Home

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There are few things that can make your skin crawl, like the idea of a mouse infestation. There’s just something unnerving about the idea of opening the kitchen cupboards and coming face to face with one. There are reasons why these tiny critters can startle us right into a chair, if we see one running across the floor. Mice can pose some pretty serious health risks to you and your family. Mice contaminate surfaces and carry some pretty serious diseases and parasites. They can spread everything from salmonella to listeria. Sometimes they can contaminate surfaces and food supplies before you realize they are there. There are some tell-tale mice signs that you can be on the lookout for around your home.

  • One of the most common signs of mice in your home is droppings. Mouse droppings kind of look a little bit like burnt rice. It is black and fairly small, measuring about 3-6 millimeters. Mouse droppings can be extremely dangerous, if they aren’t handled properly. When cleaning up mouse droppings, you should wear gloves and a respirator mask. You should avoid sweeping or vacuuming up mouse droppings as it can send dangerous particles in the air. Those particles have been known to induce asthma symptoms in children and can cause Hantavirus.

  • Another sign that you might have a problem with mice in your home is strange noises coming from the walls, especially at night. You may hear scratching from inside the walls or even the sound of scurrying feet coming from the ceiling. Since mice are nocturnal. These noises are more common at night and it is likely quieter in your home at that time as well, making the noises more noticeable. And, if you think you hear squeaking, that is possible mice too.

  • You should also be on the lookout for gnaw marks. Not only do mice like to chew on furniture but they are also known for chewing through wires, posing a fire hazard. They will also chew their way into food containers and plastic.

If you spot any of these 3 signs of mice in your home, you should contact a professional pest control company right away. Just one or two mice can turn into a few dozen in just a couple of months. Setting one trap here and there will likely not be enough and if you don’t catch a problem quickly, it can become a full blown infestation in no time at all. Save yourself the time, hassle, money and potential health hazards of trying to eliminate mice on your own and contact a professional at the first sign of their presence.

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