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07 / 29 / 16
possum up close

Why Call The Professionals When You Discover Wildlife Has Invaded?

You notice a cute little squirrel entering and exiting a hole in your eaves. You see a sweet baby raccoon waddling after its mother through your backyard. You notice a gopher disappearing into a hole near your fence. What are you going to do? While there are a number of articles on the internet showing how to do it yourself, when it comes to wildlife removal, it is important to consider all the dangers.

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06 / 28 / 16

Possums Are Just Mean!

Possums. Poor creatures. Not only do they have a mean disposition, but they aren’t even cute. In fact, they are a bit scary to look at. Ok, so they are a lot scary to look at! So what is it about these creatures, besides the obvious, that we need to be concerned about? Let’s take a look.

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04 / 21 / 16
raccoon trying to get on a deck in savannah

Why Call McCall?

If you are dealing with an infestation in your Savannah, Georgia, home - whether it be fruit flies, termites, cockroaches, or any other invading insect - you probably know that a pest control company like McCall can take care of this problem for you. If you happen to be dealing with mice or rats, then you may know that McCall can take care of those invading pests as well. But did you know that we also take care of wildlife that has chosen to make your property their home? It's true. McCall does it all. Even wildlife!

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02 / 19 / 16
raccoon in trash

Protect Your Florida Business From The Dangers Of Wildlife

The pressures that business owners experience are many. You are trying to develop and operate your Florida business while being diligent in protecting it from failure. Understanding the importance of a good reputation, you have taken every precaution possible, placed safety measures in every area, and even become over laden with policies in your attempt to cover all situations. What you may not have thought about, and may be unprepared for, is the negative effects caused by wildlife getting in your business.


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