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04 / 18 / 17
bed bug technician performing bed bug inspection

Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling This Spring

Millions of people will spend part of their spring traveling all over the United States. Savannah will welcome thousands and thousands of travelers looking to explore our historic city before it gets too hot for many of our northern friends to be here. Others might be coming home from college for the summer anxious to reconnect with friends and family. Still more come and go for work and weekend excursions all season long. We are thrilled with how Savannah thrives! With the heavy traveling going on, it is essential to take the time to protect home and family from one of the pests who enjoys all of the hustle more than their human hosts do - bed bugs.

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03 / 22 / 17
mud tubes on a savannah home

Best Way To Protect Your Savannah Home From Termites

Termites are tiny, strong, active year-round, and non-apologetic in their ability to enter any Savannah, GA structure and cause significant and costly damages. Termites generally live and nest outside, but the workers often find their way inside of homes and other buildings while out foraging for food. Worker termites are very attracted to properties that have moisture issues as they prefer to attack wood that has been damaged by water; however once they make themselves at home, in your home they have no problem attacking your home’s sound wood as well - only increasing the amount of damage they cause!

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02 / 28 / 17
couple enjoying their new home

Pest Control When Buying A Home

Here in Savannah, pests are just a part of life. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they pose different problems for homeowners. Some are harmless in every way, besides the fact that they're disgusting, and you would probably rather not have them climbing your walls or invading your home by the hundreds. Some bring diseases into a home or spread harmful bacteria from dirty trash heaps to kitchen counters. Some damage belongings. Some damage the entire house.

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02 / 06 / 17
children raising hands in classroom

Area Schools Fight Bed Bugs

There is a trend developing across the country. More and more school systems are learning how frustrating bed bugs can be, and schools in the Savannah area are not exempt. These bugs are everywhere. And, when a single bed bug is found, and reported to parents, it often creates shock and alarm. But, here are a few reasons it shouldn't.

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