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12 / 22 / 15
mice in a wall

How Do You Know If You Have An Actual Mouse Infestation?

If you are seeing strange little pellets in the backs of your silverware drawers, or noticing an odd smell in your home, you may have cause for concern. This article will focus on the signs of a mouse infestation and what you can do about it.

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12 / 18 / 15
indian meal moth

Christmas And The Stored Product Pest

First of all, what is a stored product pest? These are bugs that don't generally work their way into your home. These creatures, or their eggs, are already inside the food you purchase from the store, and are carried in when you bring your groceries home. What makes these pests such a big pain around Christmas? They are often found in the dry stored food items we use to make Christmas dinner. If you plan on using flour, rice, wheat, spices, dried soup mixes, seeds, cereal, and other dried goods, you may be off to the store to stock up on these items. If you plan to make cookies, cake, chocolate fudge, biscuits, muffins, or other baked goods, your chances of getting a stored-product pest are increased.


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12 / 17 / 15
earwig up close

Earwigs Are Not Just A Nuisance Pest

Today you discovered that there seems to be some earwigs living on your deck. These creatures are not really something you have ever given much thought to; well, at least until they started dropping out from beneath that planted pot you were bringing inside for the winter. And, there wasn’t just one or two of them, but dozens! Now that they’ve caught your attention, you are certain that there must be billions of them crawling all over! They are so creepy looking with those huge pinchers hanging off the end of them. Almost prehistoric, you think as you try to decide what to do with the big mess you created when you dropped that plant pot in your panic. As you look around you realize that the ‘billions’ you saw have quickly vanished; but where did they go? All of a sudden you feel as if they are crawling up your back, and you run for cover brushing at your skin every step of the way.

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11 / 23 / 15
earwig crawling on a rock

Earwigs Inside Your Space

Earwigs!  No it is not a hairy fashion accessory that mid-century elites wore on their ears; or a fashionable new design in earrings.  Earwigs are those tiny reddish/brown creepy nocturnal insects that run really, really fast whenever you disturb their hiding places.  They love moisture and moderate temperatures.

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