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Archer Pest Control

Located in north, central Florida is a little city that is rich in history and steeped in tradition. Archer, Florida, was named after James T. Archer, who was Florida’s first Secretary of State. He settled here and owned and operated many businesses (no less than 14) in Archer. This city’s motto is “Taking pride in our community” - and take pride we do. Our little rural community has cared for its assets so well that there are still homes here dating back to 1890. Archer residents are determined to protect their traditions and the historical value of their town which is why so many people in our community turn to the trusted experts here at McCall Service to protect homes and businesses from the harmful and damaging effects of pests. These residents want the best for their properties and they know that McCall Service has been providing effective pest solutions for more than 80 years and has the hands-on knowledge and experience with local pest pressures that is needed to keep Archer properties safe. To see how McCall Service can help you protect your Archer, Florida, home or business, contact us today!

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Home Pest Control in Archer, Florida 

Whether you own a historical home here in Archer or a more modern one, the need for quality pest control services that are personalized to your specific property is the same. Our rural setting and our climate are not only perfect for us, but they are also perfect for pests such as mice, mosquitoes, roaches, and more to live and breed.

Living in Archer means that effective pest control services are a must and this is why the trusted experts here at McCall Service have developed one of the most comprehensive home pest protection plans in the industry. Our basic plan is affordably priced and offers homeowners protection from the most common household pests to invade Archer homes. We will begin protecting your Archer home with an initial inspection and interior and exterior treatment for common pests. We follow this up with quarterly visits to ensure that pests remain out in the wild where they belong. But, we don’t stop there. Rather than offering our clients ‘cookie cutter’ solutions for ever-changing and individualized pest pressures, we offer several options that you can add on to your basic home protection plan. Not only does this give you, the homeowner, the control over which services you need, but when you bundle these services together, you save money. It is the perfect way to only pay for exactly the services you need. Don’t let pests threaten the security of your home and family when the trusted team here at McCall Services can customize a plan for you or you can get total peace of mind with the "We do it all" value bundle that guarantee's ALL pest coverage.  Services that we offer include:

Archer, FL, Termite Control 

Subterranean termites are perhaps the single biggest threat to the structural integrity of Archer homes. These pests can remain active all year long here in Archer which means that your termite protection is needed all year long too. Archer residents, though, have access to the authorized operators of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System here at McCall Service.

The Sentricon® system is an innovative and eco-friendly solution that works to eliminate entire colonies and then continues to work to keep foraging termites from choosing your home in the future. This system requires no drilling, no trenching, and is the no mess, safe solutions to termites. The small, discreet baiting stations place around your property offer bait that inhibits the termite’s ability to absorb nutrition and their ability to reproduce, but is completely harmless to pets and people and will not hurt the environment. The bait will eliminate the entire colony – even the queen; and we back it all with our million dollar termite damage repair warranty for homes that qualify. Experience the total peace of mind that year-round protection from termites by the trusted experts here at McCall Service brings. The rich history here in Archer is worth preserving, and the proven solutions to your local pest pressures are right here at McCall. 

Bed Bug Control in Archer, Florida 

If there is one thing that residents of Archer, Florida, understand about bed bugs it is that they are here in increasing numbers; but this is no different than what the rest of the nation is experiencing. For more than a decade now, bed bugs have been on a mission to reinforce their numbers across the country and have found ways to not only survive, but to thrive. It is no longer necessary to wonder ‘if’ the bed bugs will bite; but, rather, it is now necessary to wonder ‘when’ bed bugs will bite. When they bite here in Archer, turn to the trusted bed bug experts here at McCall Service that many of your friends and neighbors have trusted for effective bed bug control solutions for more than 80 years. We offer the very effective and comprehensive Heat Plus bed bug service that combines heat treatment with chemical treatment and box spring and mattress encasements to ensure bed bugs and their eggs are eliminated completely from your home. It also includes a follow-up chemical re-treatment and a 30-day chemical re-treatment guarantee. Now that is complete peace of mind! Other trusted services that we offer include canine bed bug detection services, conventional chemical treatments, and standard heat treatments. Don’t allow those bed bugs to take one more bite here in Archer, Florida, when experienced, effective solutions are just a call or a click away. McCall Service! We really do, do it all. 

3 Reasons to Choose McCall Service for Pest Control in Archer, FL  

There are so many reasons that Archer, Florida, home and business owners should choose McCall Service for their pest control needs that it is difficult to limit our list to just three; but we’ll do our best.

  1. McCall Service has been successfully eliminating local pests for more than 80 years. That means that our highly trained and trusted pest control specialists have all of that practical experience to draw from when facing your pest issues. It means that each client we service can experience the integrity and honesty that have earned McCall Service a stellar reputation for exceptional customer service and can experience the effective pest control solutions that have earned McCall a reputation as an industry leader.

  2. McCall Service always has you, the client, in mind. We do not place you in a mold and we do not treat you like a number. We value our clients and will do everything in our power to safely solve any pest issue you bring to us. We also know that the way to stay in business for 80 years is by offering quality services at a fair price and that you must always keep the customer’s best interest in mind. This is why we designed our very effective ‘bundle and save’ program. This program allows you to save money on pest control services while enabling you to choose just the services your home needs; and we offer everything from effective pest solutions for numerous harmful, nuisance, and damaging pests to lawn care services. There is no ‘blanket’ approach here. You, the customer, get to choose exactly what you need; it’s that simple.  

  3. McCall Service is not afraid of what our customers think. In fact, we encourage you to listen to them on sites such as Angie’s List reviews, Google reviews, and Yelp reviews. When you offer quality services that are guaranteed and work diligently to satisfy each customer by meeting or exceeding their expectations, you don’t have to worry about what they are going to say. Sure, it is impossible to please each and every person; I think we can all agree on that! But we do our very best to do just that, as you can see from our reviews. When quality, integrity, fair pricing, and effective solutions are what you desire, look no further than McCall Service.

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