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Alachua Pest Control

Alachua, Florida is a small rural community that is big on small-town charm; it has a historic downtown that residents gravitate towards and an easy commute to the larger city of Gainesville. Pests like ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, roaches, termites, spiders, and silverfish also enjoy living in Alachua, and often invade homes and other properties. The pest control professionals at McCall Service are a locally owned and operated company that understands local Florida pests and provides effective solutions for home and business owners. With McCall Service on your side, you can expect any pest infestation, no matter how severe, to be eliminated in a professional and timely manner!

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Home Pest Control In Alachua FL

Pest control in Florida is a continuous battle, you can never back down, pests will take any opportunity that they can to take advantage of your property and home. Putting into place a year-round pest control program is the best way to make sure that pests never ending up winning the battle.

Our home pest control service works to control a wide variety of common household pests. It includes an initial interior and exterior service that is followed by quarterly pest control services. We also offer separate specialized services to control termites and mosquitoes. Those specialized services can be bundled together with our pest control service in order to receive the most comprehensive and affordable pest control services possible for your specific needs.

The Bundle & Save program allows homeowners to choose between Pest control, Lawn Care, Termite Control, and Mosquito Remediation services to bundle together and provide complete protection for your home. By bundling together 2 services you will save 10% and 3 services you will save 15%. No matter what the pest, we have an effective, affordable solution that can’t be beat!

Biting Insect Control In Alachua

Some pests are just that, pests, they don’t cause any real harm they are just a nuisance to have living in and around your home, and other pests- well, they bite, and can rightly so be a bigger concern for people. Common pests that nibble on Alachua residents are bed bugs and mosquitoes. The best way to handle a biting insect invasion is to let the professionals at McCall take care of the problem for you.

Our mosquito control services include monthly treatments, May thru October, to reduce mosquito populations on your property by specifically targeting breeding areas and the adults themselves. With our help you will once again be able to enjoy spending time in your yard without the fear of being constantly bitten by mosquitoes.

Bed bugs are a species of biting pest that most people are not happy to be sharing a bed with. Our bed bug control services will quickly eliminate any size bed bug infestation with treatment options that can include heat, chemical, steam, and HEPA vacuum techniques.

Alachua FL Lawn Care Services

Maintaining a healthy green lawn is more difficult than you may think, there is a lot working against you and your lawn- weather, pests, pets, and general wear and tear. The lawn care services provided by the professionals at McCall can get your lawn back to its original glory and allow you to spend time enjoying your lawn instead of just caring for it.

At McCall we can provide year-round lawn care services that can include fertilization services, weed control, Hydretain, ornamental shrub care, and sod and irrigation services. We can of course also take care of pests like mole crickets, grubs, moles, and voles that are damaging your lawn; we also have add-on services to control fire ants and fleas on your property. For full-service lawn care, trust the experts at McCall!

Wildlife Removal In Alachua, Florida

Wild animals often take it upon themselves to pack up their belongings and move from the rock pile they have been living under and into the luxurious accommodations of your Alachua home. While their standard of living has greatly improved, you and your family’s will certainly not, as cute as they may be, nobody wants a raccoon or other wild animal as a roommate. A wild animal no matter how small or fluffy is unpredictable and should only be removed from your property by a trained wildlife control expert.

We have been ridding Florida properties of nuisance wild animals for decades and have developed safe, humane methods that our customers have come to trust. Our wildlife management services include humane trapping, animal relocation, pest-proofing services, wildlife removal, wildlife control, and damage control.

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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