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Quality Pest Control For Your Northern Florida Home


While Florida is a great place to live, the warm, moist climate also acts as a breeding ground for unwanted pests.  For over 80 years, our Florida pest control company has diligently worked to eliminate nuisance and potentially damaging insect and rodent infestations for Northern Florida homeowners.  As a longtime pest control provider, we realize pest control is an ongoing battle; one that requires technical expertise and knowledge of the local pest pressures in order to be the most effective.  That is why we offer residential pest control in TampaGainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tallahassee and throughout our service area.

About Our Residential Pest Control Services

Designed to protect home and health, our residential pest control program eliminates pavement ants and other types of ants in Florida as well as roaches, and spiders in addition to other insects and rodents found in our region and includes:

  • Red and Black Carpenter Ant In FloridaA thorough inspection of the home interior, perimeter and outlying areas

  • Control of all common household pests

  • Use of EPA-registered materials

  • Prompt professional service

Regular inspections and treatment when necessary is required to keep a home pest free.  When you call McCall, you can be sure that job is done right.  Treatment is provided by experienced, well-trained professionals with tested formulas and the proper equipment to ensure success.

Our Guarantee Ensures Your Florida Home Is Pest Free

At McCall Service our pest control methods are so effective at resolving current pest problems and preventing future activity that our service is backed by the most comprehensive guarantee in the business.  Contact us to find out how our Florida pest control professionals can help you achieve and maintain a pest free home or to schedule an inspection.

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"I wanted to drop you a note to pay a huge compliment for the way Steve dealt with Jennifer today. This morning we found a dead rat in our garage (literally as I was pulling out of the driveway, Jennifer came running & screaming out of the garage). I told her to give you guys a call and have someone come out to investigate. Turns out that we apparently have a pretty big rat & mouse problem in our garage - thankfully they aren't in the walls or attic. We also have an armadillo who has taken up residence under our house.

Steve was fortunate enough to be the lucky guy who got to deal with my screaming and almost hysterical wife. I honestly wouldn't have wished that on my biggest enemy :-). But, from all accounts, he was exceedingly professional, kind, and very calming for Jen.

Needless to say, we became McCall's newest customer today.

Please pass along my kudos to Steve. My wife will be forever indebted to him for removing a dead rat (or 2) from the garage, and for giving her great service.

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