Saint Augustine, Florida

Saint Augustine, Florida

Saint Augustine, Florida - 32080

St. Augustine Florida Pest Control

For over 70 years, McCall Service has been proudly serving St. Augustine and all of Northern Florida.  We are a family owned and operated Florida pest control and lawn care company.  Since 1928, we have perfected our service of providing effective, affordable pest control solutions while remaining conscious of the environment.  If ants, termites or bed bugs have taken over your St. Augustine home or business, call McCall Service.

Residential Pest Control in St. Augustine FL

At McCall Service, we offer residential pest control programs to give St. Augustine homeowners a much more effective alternative to do-it-yourself pest control.  Our home pest control allows you to pass the unpleasant job of disposing of insects and rodents on to someone else and our pest control services are backed by the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.  We offer general pest control services as well as services tailored to your specific pest problem such as:

Contact McCall Service today to schedule your free home inspection and put our knowledge to work for you!

St. Augustine Bed Bug Treatments

After nearly 50 years of dormancy in the United States, bed bugs are rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent pest issues in St. Augustine and all across our country, due to increased global travel and the banning of effective pesticides, such as DDT.  McCall Service understands the seriousness of these nocturnal insects, which is why we offer highly effective treatments to help you get rid of bed bugs completely.  To help resolve all of your bed bugs problems, we offer:

Bed bugs have the ability to travel from place to place on clothing, luggage, used furniture and directly on people, which is why they are rapidly infesting homes, hotels, hospitals, movie theaters and apartment buildings.  Early detection is important in preventing a major bed bug infestation so at the first sign of activity, small, red bumps on your skin or blood spots on your mattress or linens, contact McCall Service and we can help you identify bed bugs and quickly get rid of them!

Commercial Pest Control Services for St. Augustine FL

Your company’s reputation, image and cleanliness is very important when retaining customers and trying to attract new ones.  Just one sighting of cockroaches, flies or mice can seriously tarnish the most pristine reputation and drive away your most loyal customers.  At McCall Service we understand the unique pest control needs of St. Augustine businesses and that is why we designed our commercial pest control services to help business owners prevent pest before they become a cause for concern, all while adhering to your industry’s regulations.  Along with commercial insect and rodent control, we offer:

Our affiliation with Copesan allows us to offer our commercial customers with locations throughout the United States, access to a dependable national program administered by trained technicians who are knowledgeable about local pest issues.  For all of your business' pest control needs, trust McCall Service. 

St. Augustine Lawn Care Services

There are many factors that can prevent a lush, green lawn.  Bad weather, insect and rodent infestations, over-watering and pets can all have a harmful impact on the beauty of your yard.  Many of these conditions can lead to permanent damage if left unattended.  In order to protect your property, McCall Service offers complete lawn care services for both residential and commercial customers in St. Augustine.  Our lawn care services include:

A healthy, green lawn is very hard to achieve, but maintaining that lawn can be even harder.  Don’t spend all your time mowing and weeding, let us do it for you!  For more information on our affordable lawn care services, contact us today!